Monday, September 21, 2009

New Adventures

This weekend my family completed two firsts. And firsts can be difficult. More difficult for some than others, but I would have to say that both of my children who conquered new territory had definite butterflies for a few days.
First, my daughter visited a college, but this wasn't like my college visits where we sailed through three campuses in a day, following a tour guide. She had lunch with the swim team, went to a class, talked to guidance counselors, practiced with the swim team, went to the team dinner and then spent the night in a dorm room with girls she didn't know.
At one point she texted me that she was freaking because they were driving on the highway, the two hostesses and two male students, on the way to Walmart. Grace has not been comfortable riding on the highway with teenagers since her accident.
But really, I wanted to laugh because when Grace, a homebody, is hanging with her friends here in town, they usually sit around watching movies and at times will make candy runs or Wendys runs. So, it sounds like she was in with a similar crowd at college.
She was so nervous to go and spend the night with these strangers. She even begged my husband, staying at the hotel up the hill, to let her stay with him. He held firm and she came home saying this school in West Virginia was her top choice.
I texted her that I was proud. She did something she was afraid of and it paid off.
My 13-year-old, my youngest had a first as well. His band of four played at the town festival on Saturday. Every year the boosters hold a festival with lots of fund-raising pie sales and games. The high school garage bands all play, but this time, a middle school band got a chance as well. Tucker was a little ticked off that the newspaper ad listed the words "kid band" beside his band's name, but next year when they're freshman they can be promoted to "student band."
They played five songs and my favorite was "Free Falling" by Tom Petty, but they also did songs by Green Day, Good Charlotte.
My video camera picked that moment to revert to stripes on the screen, looking like an old pair of Dick Van Dyke pajamas. I did recover a few minutes of the performance, including Tucker's ripping solo at the end of "Wake Me Up When September Ends." But I can't figure out how to save it as a separate track and post it. You'll just have to take my word for it.


Sheila said...

Good for Grace, that was a huge dal. I'm proud of her for getting through the weekend. Now maybe she'll be motivated to get those papers turned in on time!

I wish I had remembered that tucker was playing at the festival we would have went down to see him. I've still never been to that ox roast. Thomas asked today if we could go. :) He was sad that it was last weekend. The story of our life, a day late.

BFF said...

If only I could say my son had conquered his fears. I believe I am the wrong kind of mother for him.

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