Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dreaming of France: That Part of the Novel Where the Heroine Sees Her Dreams Going Up in Smoke

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Was it less than two weeks ago that I joyously made our plane reservations for THE TRIP to France? The trip that would change our lives? The one where we packed all of our belongings in a few bags and moved to start a new life?
I carefully picked out a 4-star hotel in Paris where we would spend a few nights before journeying into the countryside to begin our first housesitting job.
And in the span of a fortnight, those plans have crumbled like so much blue cheese.
Our house fell out of contract on Friday because the buyers could not get their financing.
We urged the real estate agent to get the house back on the market, even though she had told us before that people plan their weekend house viewing on Thursdays. We were a day behind, but we needed to get out there.
I had run six miles that morning, reaching my daily step goal by 8 in the morning, but after work, I never sat down. I came home and headed straight into the backyard to pull dying plants from the dirt and to rip the morning glories from the trellis where they had flourished all summer before beginning to wither. I knew how they felt.
I swept walkways and cut back ivy that had grown toward the sidewalk. My steps reached over 30,000 that day as I madly tried to outrace my worries.
Would we be able to move to France? What about our appointment in Chicago to meet with the French consulate? Would Earl have to continue working rather than retire so we could pay our mortgage?
When he came home, we began to talk of a shorter trip to France where Earl would return home after three weeks while I stayed in France to meet our housesitting commitments.
The concerns whirred in my brain as I made a family dinner that night, drowning my sorrows in a few glasses of port and sharing the stories of how we first came to drink "porto" as they call it in France when my friend Delana and her then-boyfriend Patrick recommended it as an aperitif. I loved the sweet tanginess of it.

I don't recommend turning to alcohol to drown sorrows, but felt I had definitely earned it with my 30,000 steps and the view of my France dreams in a downward spiral.
We'd have to cancel Christmas plans in Florida with my parents if Earl didn't retire. He'd need to work the days between Christmas and New Year. How would Earl get to Florida for our flight? Should we change it? 
Should we cancel our appointment for a long-stay visa if we weren't going to be able to move?
I ran six miles again the next morning before my final Saturday morning class --  or was it? Would I be teaching in Columbus again in 2018 if we didn't move to France?
When I returned from class, I found Spencer sitting on the couch holding a heating pad to his ear. A sore throat and blossomed into an ear infection. 
A notification arrived on my phone. A showing on Sunday at 1 p.m. Ok, 24 hours to get the place shipshape.
Then at 2, another notification - approval requested for a 4:15 showing.
4:15? Two hours away. 
Spencer thrashed on the couch, fever making his eyes glaze. "Please tell them I'm sick. Just let me sleep?" he begged. 
I pointed out that he needed to do nothing but stumble over to the neighbors where he could continue to lie on the couch -- she's a good neighbor. 
Earl and I work feverishly to get the house in showing shape. 
A second showing that afternoon, at 4:30, flashed onto our phones. Glad we hadn't turned down the earlier appoint, we hung white towels, shook out a white comforter, straightened fresh flowers, and lit a candle in a freshly carved jack o' lantern on the front porch. With a sprinkle of peppermint and rosemary essential oils on the light bulbs, we abandoned the house and crossed our fingers. 

Two more showings loomed on Sunday.  
I raced to the garden store and bought some purple and orange pansies. Earl carved two more jack o' lanterns. I mowed the backyard and meticulously staged the house again before we deserted the house for the afternoon. 
We visited my brother about an hour and a half away, forgetting about our troubles and hoping for the best. Around 7, we returned home, and just minutes ago got an email with an offer on the house. 
So, this is that part of the novel where the heroine sees the sun rising and realizes she can't give up on her dream. That's me tonight, and by tomorrow, I could be in contract again. 
Thanks for your well wishes, your good karma, your prayers. 
I'm not giving up. Here's the song I've been singing all day:

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Jeanie said...

Oh Paulita, I will be thinking such good thoughts for you. I can only begin to imagine the stress you have felt these days -- stress and deep disappointment but it sounds as though all may not be lost. We'll hope so. Keep the faith, my friend!

Paulita said...

Jeanie, Thanks. My hope is swinging upward again. I'll continue the roller coaster.

Sim Carter said...

It will be fine, mark my word. Hoping it's a good offer and that their financing checks out! This is so much more fun for those of us following your adventure than it is for you living it but at least you write about it beautifully!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Dear Paulita ..I was getting a bit anxious when I started reading this post . I know how you felt but I wasn't moving across the world and then as I got nearer to the end . Karma came for you. Thinking of you ..hope things are less stressful soon .�� and that you can continue on the road to your dream

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for you. The other people sounded like a disaster that could have blown up on you anyway. Surely one of your weekend visitors will have the sense to make an offer!

sillygirl said...

The people that will buy your house will feel very lucky they came along just when the other deal fell through. You have a very special house just waiting for them. Keep taking each step forward - they all go forward. And keep sharing the problems that come up - it lightens your load. Living in France IS in your future.

Unknown said...

Wishing you the best of luck, I am only to Vancouver Islland from the mainland and I am a nervous wreck. Hope these new meds kick in soon.

Jacqui Brown said...

I really do hope you are both able to fly to France and stay! I'm keeping my fingers crossed it sells. I do find it funny that you leave the house to the agent for the viewing, surely you know your house and area better than they do to sell it's best features to the buyers? I haven't moved many times, but each time in UK we sold, we showed the buyers around. In France the agent accompanies you, but the seller is usually onsite too. Best of luck - France is waiting for you both!

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