Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dreaming of France -- Packing

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Today on Facebook, I posted a picture of the three suitcases I'll be taking to France.
That's all I plan to take to begin my new life.

One of my Facebook friends asked why we didn't simply ship boxes overseas. We will have some boxes stored in my brother's basement and another friend's basement, but I've read enough horror stories about shipping items to France that never arrive, that I wasn't even tempted to pay for boxes that I might never see again.
Face it, anything that I am keeping, I'm not willing to risk mailing in a questionable system.

Another issue about mailing boxes is that we don't have a permanent address yet. Where would I mail them to?
Most shipping services don't give upfront prices for mailing overseas, but the one that does would charge $169 for a 66-pound box or suitcase, and it makes no guarantee that anything breakable would arrive in one piece.
I've been looking at the China cabinet today trying to decide what we might want to keep. We plan to move the China cabinet to my sister-in-law's house next weekend. She says she'll hold onto it until Grace wants it.

The cabinet is full of highly breakable things.
Our gold-rimmed China that we received for our wedding has been used so rarely, that I feel no compunction about getting rid of it. 

Grace has chastised me, but she didn't offer to keep it. So I'll find some place to donate it.
I have so many wine glasses and liquor glasses. Many of them are from Mom and Dad's wedding, so I want to keep those, although I'm not sure how I'll ever get them to France.
I also have a lovely Laura Ashley tea set I'd like to take along.

A friend gave us a Limoges tea (coffee?) set as well for a wedding present that I would love to have in France.

But is it silly to take a French tea set back to France? Could I just as easily find ones I like that at an inexpensive price?
Once the China cabinet is cleaned out, I have things like quilts that would help me start a new life in France. Mom has made quilts for nearly every occasion, and I hate to be parted from any of them.
I may look for some of those compression bags that squeeze down items in hopes of taking a quilt or two along.
Other than clothes, toiletries and my computer, I don't anticipate needing a lot. We'll be housesitting so the houses will be outfitted. And when we buy a new house, hopefully it will be furnished. If not, we'll have to furnish it by visiting the local flea markets.
I know many people ship boxes of books to France, and I hate to be parted from books I love, but luckily, we live in a world where I can download books onto my phone and read them. I love always having a book with me on my phone.
So for now, before I actually begin packing, I think I'll have plenty of room in my three suitcases. We'll see if I still think that three weeks from now as we prepare to begin our vagabond lifestyle.
And when people from Ohio come to visit us in France, I fully expect them to pack a wine glass or two to bring along as we slowly fill up our cabinets in France. 


Suzie Tullett said...

Not long now! x

Anonymous said...

Things like china, even Limoges, can be had for a song. Someone told me that with divorces and remarriages, people end up wanting to unload their old china, plus they want to get rid of grandma's, and young people only want modern stuff. Lots of supply and little demand = low prices.
I used to come back with suitcases loaded up with stuff I missed from the U.S. But over the years, there's less and less I miss because I can get pretty much anything here (even in France profonde).
Stock up on running shoes. They are expensive here for exactly the same brands.

sillygirl said...

Good for you - traveling light! David Lebovitz still hasn't gotten a box of books he sent to France years ago - some beloved cookbooks so you are wise to not try that route to getting things there. A new life - new beloved things.

Sim Carter said...

I'm loving your attitude! Holding onto a few precious things, not because of what they cost, but because of what they mean to you is key. Beyond that, I admire how you and Earl are setting yourself free. A new place, a new life, new (to you) things. I'd pack and store that lovely wedding set in someone's garage because Grace will want it someday, whether she realizes it or not now. Not to store in some lovely old china cabinet but to use.
Feeling excited and happy for you.

Just Me said...

Your posts make all your steps and decisions so real and difficult. Amazed even more by you every single day. I can't travel 2 days or 2 weeks without trying to take everything I own. Smiles.

Paulita said...

Suzie, We're counting the days.
Francetaste, That's what I figured. Maybe I'll leave those things in a box that says, "For future grandchildren." I planned to bring two pairs of running shoes, but maybe I better make it three!
Sillygirl, Lebovitz is probably where I read about boxes going awry. Thanks for the reminder. I am bringing measuring cups since American measurements are different than French.
Sim, I really am not feel too verklempt about the things we've let go of. Family things have all gone to other family members, so no guilt.
Just Me, It's definitely freeing to get rid of nearly everything.

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