Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Snapshot -- Sad Yet Happy

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One of the universities where I teach is getting rid of all of its hard copy books.
I know, it's hard to imagine.
It's going to make the spacious room a commons area for students to gather, and instead of books, it is putting emphasis on the online collection.
That meant that today, I got a chance to peruse the library collection and take any books that I wanted. Of course, being a university, the emphasis was on reference and textbooks, but I still found some classics and picked out books that I thought my husband, my son and my daughter might like.

My husband got a collection of Edgar Allan Poe stories plus great American Mysteries.
My daughter is getting ready to fly overseas, so I grabbed a copy of Tender is the Night, a book I read on the beach in Corsica many years ago. I hope she'll read it and leave it where someone else can find it to read. I also found a book called A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare that should be fun while she travels around England.
For my son, I figured he needed a copy of Catch 22 all his own, plus some James Patterson novels and A Farewell to Arms.
I took Boomsday by Christopher Buckley for me and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, which I haven't read, but figured would be fitting because of the Native American protests going on now.
A library without any books is sad. I'm glad I grabbed a few that will be read and passed on to others.


Philippe F. said...

Bonjour Paulita. Comme vous je continue à acheter des livres-papier même si j' ai une liseuse électronique pour avoir tous mes livres disponibles à tout moment.Rien ne remplace le plaisir du contact avec le papier! Je suis d' accord avec vous qu' une bibliothèque sans livres est très triste... ce n' est même plus une bibliothèque !En France il existe des boîtes ( étanches ) placées dans les rues oû on dépose ses anciens livres pour que chacun puisse les prendre et lire gratuitement.// Good morning Paulita. Like you I continue to buy books-paper although I have an e-book reader on my own to take all my books available at any time. Nothing is better than the pleasure of the contact with paper! I agree with you that a library without any books is very is no longer a library! In France we can drop off books in waterproof plastic boxes placed in the streets for everyone who want read it for free.Like your husband I am a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe " The Father of police novels ".Have a nice week-end.

Sandra Nachlinger said...

So sad to hear they're doing away with books. Although I mostly read on my Kindle, it's hard to imagine a library without paper books in it. At least you had the opportunity to save a few.

Philippe F. said...

Comme je découvre votre blog ( excellent ), je viens de lire ( post du 24 mars 2013 )que vous pensiez que les cimetières de soldats américains n' étaient pas sur le sol américain. Je vous apprends donc que TOUS les cimetières des 2 guerres mondiales situés en France ont été offerts aux USA ( idem pour Le Royaume-Uni, le Canada, l' Australie ou Nouvelle-Zélande)en remerciement pour leurs sacrifices ultimes. Ce sont donc des terres américaines pour toujours ( comme les 5 plages du débarquement). Ces cimetières sont gérés par l' armée US.// As I found out your blog ( excellent ), I just read that you believe that US soldier's cemetery weren't on american soil. I thus learn you that ALL the cemeteries of both World War located in France were offered to USA ( idem for UK, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand )in gratitude for the sacrifices of these young men.Thus it is for ever american land ( as well the 5 D-Day landing beaches ). These cemeteries are managed by US Army.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

As a scientist and a teacher, who is interested in neuroplasticity and learning, this makes me cringe. There is a place for printed books as well as online books.

Paulita said...

Philippe, Thanks for the comments in French and English. It's definitely good practice for my French. Interesting detail that the land where the soldiers are buried is actually considered American land.
Sandra, Yes, me too. I get too distracted by my device, whereas a print book keeps my attention longer.
Elizabeth, I agree. I hope this is an overreaction to get rid of print books and that it will swing the other way.

betty-NZ said...

I had to read that a couple of times to realize the actual books are actually leaving the library. Wow. I always thought librarians would be the last to give up their goods.It still seems a bit futuristic. But I'm glad you got to save a few classics.

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