Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Readers' Workouts -- Fitbit Challenges

Joy at Joy's Book Blog has built up a community of people who love to read and work out. You know that I enjoy both of those things, so I'm joining in.

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement for Fitbit, I wanted to share that I'm enjoying the challenges that Fitbit has set up for those of us who wear it religiously enough to have tan lines from it. (Yes, I do, even though I don't really tan, just freckle.)
Just last week, I found out that Fitbit had added challenges that allow the reader to virtually hike trails in Yosemite.
The first trail was 15,000 steps to Vernal Falls. The second 24,000 steps to Valley Loop. And the third, the one I'm "walking" now, is the Pohono Trail, 42,000 steps.
As I walk steps, the Fitbit counts them and tells me where I would be along the path if I were walking in Yosemite.

My husband pointed out that the hike would be much more vigorous in Yosemite, which is true, but it's nice to reach some virtual landmarks and see gorgeous pictures of the scenery when I do.

The map shows  my progress, and if I click on journal, it shows me photos of landmarks.

I can pan to the left or right with my phone to see more scenery, as if I'm really standing on a precipice looking at the breathtaking mountains.

The first day I started, I thought that I had to complete each challenge in one day, but that isn't true. The challenges can be broken up into a couple of days and the Fitbit just keeps moving me down the trail.
Even at night.

I hope Fitbit comes out with more challenges, and they don't have to be rugged hikes. How about some Paris walks that let me know when I reach Notre Dame or The Eiffel Tower or even Montmartre?
The places I would love to walk, even if I'm still in Ohio.
Hope everyone else is having a day full of exercise and good energy.


Anonymous said...

Which model do you have? I got one for my kid, who barely rousted out of bed all summer, banning electronics unless at least 15K steps are taken. So far it hasn't worked. Electronics banished, kid stayed in bed all day anyway. Very exercise-averse. Lost the FitBit for months. Says it hurts, it's too hot.....

Paulita said...

Francetaste, My kids all went through sluggish periods and now they all exercise regularly without a word from me. I think the best thing you can do is lead by example without forcing the issue for her.
Unless...is she competitive? If so, you could get a Fitbit for a younger sibling and have the two of them compete.

Joy said...

What fun! I have a FitBit but rarely go on-line so I'm using it like a pedometer. I love your idea of virtual Paris walks.

our life in france said...

What a fantastic idea, sadly I am a slug when it comes to exercise but to be able to see virtual scenery as if you were there is great

Carol said...

I haven't checked out these challenges yet. Sounds really cool.

Vicki said...

I had a FitBit but didn't like it much as mine counted every movement of my arm. I'm just using my iPhone for steps right now, but plan to get an IWatch soon.

grammajudyb said...

I don't think this is available for all Fit Bit models. I have the Fit Bit Flex and it is not available for mine as far as I can tell on the website. But, it would be fun. You get so many steps in every day. You are an inspiration!

Paulita said...

Joy, I do hope that expand their online walks.
Roz, As someone who retired and moved to France, I know that you have a sense of adventure, even if you don't like to exercise.
Carol, Yes, the challenge does add some excitement to walking the streets of my small town.
Vicki, Mine doesn't give me any credit for moving my arm. It does a gps thing so I actually have to be on the move.
Judy, I see this option when I look at the app on my phone, but not on the Fitbit on my wrist. Maybe you can find it there.

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