Sunday, September 04, 2016

Dreaming of France -- Outdoor Dining

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The other night as I was walking along our small town's main street, I paused to admire all of the restaurants with outdoor tables. Some of the restaurants had no one sitting outside, even though the weather has turned lovely -- cooler temperatures, lower humidity. It made me think of the techniques used in Paris by hosts and waiters as they tried to lure diners. 
My husband and I always enjoy visiting Rue Mouffetarde in Paris, and the small streets leading toward Rue Mouffetarde are filled with restaurants anxious for customers. Like many Americans, we tend to head to dinner earlier than the French, so we paused to look at the menus posted on boards and written in chalk. 

This restaurant off Rue Mouffetarde has a menu du jour for 14 Euros! Probably three courses for 14 Euros.
But, since there were no diners seated at the table, the manager or host stood outside his door and offered us a free drink if we'd join him for dinner. So we did. And, his efforts were correct. The more people who sat down outside, the more people were enticed to the restaurant. Some remained empty while others filled up. 
The restaurants in my small town could learn a thing or do. And that's what I thought about as I sauntered down the street, no waiters or hosts trying to lure me to an outdoor table, the tablecloths gently rippling in the breeze. 

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Sim Carter said...

I would love to sit at that cafe and share a meal and a chat with you. Is that in France or is that from your hometown? I wasn't quite sure. Either way, lovely shot. You ought to put it on your Instagram with a link to your blog. Just sayin'
Here’s my Dreaming of France post

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine calls them restaurant pimps. Be wary of any restaurant that relies on cajoling and/or that has a very big menu and/or has a menu in several languages.
You know that rue Mouffetard is the street in the Amélie movie, right?
This time of year is so pleasant for dining sur la terrace because it's dark earlier, but still warm enough to not need a sweater. I love the night lighting.
We were in Toulouse this weekend and the terraces were absolutely overflowing with people. So were the streets--they've made most of the center pedestrian-only, and it's so pleasant. Absolutely throngs of people, all very laid-back and cool.

Paulita said...

Sim, How bout if I tweet the link to my blog? I don't think I can instagram from my computer and I don't have this picture on my phone. Oh, my. So many social media things to learn. Thanks for playing along and for sharing the intense trailer for Elle.
Francetaste, Yes, I can see that restaurant pimps is a good name for them, but truthfully, it works. People are attracted to restaurants where other people are already seated. Toulouse sounds fab.

But you are in France, Madame said...

As a young girl, attending a Catholic girls' school, one of the 'rules' that we had to follow was that we were not allowed to eat outside in public. How times have changed!
PS We also had to wear hats and gloves and have our skirts measured to check that they were the correct length...

Paulita said...

Catherine, I became Catholic as an adult, but I've never heard the rule about not eating outside. Thanks for playing along today.

But you are in France, Madame said...

It was a long time ago! But, I should have specified that it was when we were wearing our school uniform.

our life in france said...

How lovely to have been invited to join the owner for a drink, it reminds me of a time we popped into a bar in France, we were the only customers, we had a drink and were about to leave when the patron wants to buy us a drink, this went on for some hours, but a friendship was forged that day that remains to this day..

Philippe F. said...
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Tiffany said...
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