Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Life I Want

This semester, my class load is much lighter due to cutbacks. At first, I spent a lot of time complaining and adding up how much less money I am going to make this year. I also wasted some time worrying about how to pay for college.
Just in time, I picked up The Power by Rhonda Byrne. She's also the author of The Secret and if  you've heard of that book, you know she doesn't have to worry about how to pay for anything. She has sold tens of millions of copies.
One of the things recommended by The Power is to live the life you dream of. For instance, if you want to have a job but you don't, set your alarm every morning lay out the clothes you would wear to work, etc.. If you are single and want to be in a relationship, start making room for that special person. Sleep on one side of the bed. Make room in your closet for his clothes, etc..
So, I examined my life and, overall, I am so fortunate. I have a husband who loves me. I'm healthy. I have a great family, great friends. The work and money thing are my biggest concerns.
The author encourages people to put their dream life out there, so I did. I'd like to make a living full time as a writer and to travel to France, maybe even live in France, once the kids are through with school.
I decided on the days when I don't have to go to work, to live my dream life.
I got up this morning and went for a run. I ran seven miles then stopped by the bus stop to chat with my husband while he waited for the bus.
My plan was to come home, shower and get busy writing. But Tucker had a late start today, so he was hanging around the house. Earl forgot his notebook, so even though he took the bus to save the earth, I had to drive the notebook downtown to him.
I didn't get around to writing until almost 10 a.m. I had Tucker drop me in our little downtown on his way to school. I walked to the coffee shop ready to claim my table and get busy. My friend Leah was working in the coffee shop, so I spent a bit of time chatting with her.
As I settled in my corner, another acquaintance came in and we talked for awhile too.
Finally, I got busy on my new novel Paris Runaway. I wrote about 3000 words today. Ideally, I'd like to write 5,000 words on these days off, but my future life needs to include friends too. So if I have a day where I write and drink coffee and talk to friends, that's definitely the future life I want.
Then I walked home, stopping to buy a baguette and a pastry treat for myself.
Walking home with my computer and a baguette protruding from my bag, I definitely could see myself leading this kind of life. But warmer, because the temperature was around 20 degrees. Flakes of snow began to fall as I continued home.
Once home, I sliced the Gouda and Port Salut cheese in our refrigerator and added some salami to big round crackers.
That was a lot for one person to eat, but after running seven miles this morning, if I don't eat enough, I get ravenous. Then I never feel full.
My goal this afternoon is to do some marketing for my other novels before I clean up the house and cook dinner for my husband and son.
Yes, I think this is the life I want to live. It's just tweaking the life I currently live, but throwing in France, plus writing full time would definitely be my dream.
How bout you? Can you start living the life you dream about?


Linda said...

I think that way of life often works. I met my husband, I'm sure, by putting down every quality I wanted in a man, putting the list away, and then as I was cleaning and packing to move to France, finding the list again and it was him, my new husband. I"m at the point in my life where I don't have any great wants, just want to be healthy and content.

Paulita said...

Linda, What a great story. You should definitely blog about your love story with Maurice.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...
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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I would like to know , if Linda met Maurice after she moved to France and why she was moving to France ? I think it would be a fab story.

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