Wednesday, January 08, 2014

My Parents Eat the Weirdest Things

This post could probably be written by a 5th grader who thinks her parents are weird, but as my parents age they try the strangest things.
Maybe they're onto something because they are in their mid-70s and they're still active, playing golf five days a week.
Here's Mom and Dad with a bunch of chocolate dipped strawberries for her birthday.
Eating chocolate-dipped strawberries is not weird, just delicious. 
My mom says they're just gullible because they're old, but truthfully, Mom has been gullible since I was a kid. She always filled out those Clearinghouse Publishers Sweepstakes or any other giveaway.
In their 50s, they started drinking some mushroom drink, kombucha, which they grew in their refrigerator.
They've always taken a lot of vitamins.
This week, as I stay with them, I've seen them downing a green liquid every morning. It's some sort of Green Superfood that comes in a powder and they mix with water. My dad stirs up two cups each morning with a little whisk. The darker green settles in the bottom. It's supposed to help with hearing and sore joints and I'm not sure what all.
Next, they pull out a jar full of gin and golden raisins. They take a tablespoon of that each morning for arthritis. Neither of them has been diagnosed with arthritis, but better safe than sorry. They've gone through four jars of gin and raisins and have decided to stop because they're  not sure it works.
Yesterday though, Dad read an ad about another supplement that is supposed to help stop whooshing and ringing in the ears. He is ready to order it. Mom is skeptical, but I think she's just putting on a good front while I'm here.
Whatever they're eating or drinking, I'm glad they're healthy. And  I don't think they'll mind me poking fun at their cure alls.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

What a nice looking couple for mid-70's --whatever they are doing appears to be working! LOL

Louise said...

Your parents do indeed look very well. Those strawberries look fantastic. Is the green powder spirulina? I've not heard of the gin recipe, but it sounds a sensible way to start the day!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Paulita, your parents look great….looks like that green drink is working!

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