Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thoughts on the Afterlife

Last week, All Things Considered on NPR, talked each day to people of different religions about the afterlife. The stories were called "What Comes Next? Conversations on the Afterlife." The link is to the story by the Catholic nun but along the side you'll see other stories too.
I agreed with some of what I heard from the various religions and disagreed with some of what I heard from the various religions. But one thing kind of bugged me.
One person said that whatever you want in paradise will be there, and that includes maids.
I'm sorry, I do not want to be a maid in heaven and I can't imagine that there will be enough people whose dream is to be a maid to fulfill other's wishes in heaven. Right?
I guess, I imagined either beds would make themselves, or we would be so far from sleeping and changing sheets, and making beds each morning, that it wouldn't be an issue.
I don't want to be a car mechanic or even a cook in heaven.
Can I be a writer in paradise? Maybe a writer whose every word is like manna from heaven.
What do you think about heaven?


Linda said...

I think it will be all spiritual so physical things like maids and kitchens won't be part of it..but what do I know? My mother thinks her pets will be waiting for her and occasionally even hears a departed dog letting her know she's around. I definitely do believe there is something more after we pass on from this life.

Just Me said...

Your post is so funny. ..

I think I believe Heaven and Hell are right here and now. I don't put much thought or stock into there being an afterlife. Although that may clearly conflict with the fact that I sometimes think about and call upon those who have gone before me.

Just Me said...

Oh yes ... my husband has instructed me to not tell anyone what I believe... smile

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I tend to agree with "Just Me", but honestly, I'm hoping for reincarnation. If that happens, I hope I will come back as someones well-love house cat, and that I'll have 9 more lives!

Paulita said...

I've enjoyed everyone's comments, and I won't tell anyone, Just Me, about your radical ideas.

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