Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dreaming of France -- Wine

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Wine is another one of those items we always bring home from France. Our friend Michel usually accompanies Earl to a wine store, a magasin de vin, and they pick out six bottles for us to take home, three in each of our suitcases. Some time in our travels we determined this was the allowable amount and we never declare them, although now I read that we are only allowed one liter of wine per person without paying customs charges of 3%. Oops.
Good wine is so much less expensive in France.
Earlier this year, I was thrilled to find a wine I liked at Trader Joe's. I'm a sweet wine drinker and the Moscato d'Asti was sweet and sparkling and cost about $10 per bottle. That made me happy until our anniversary in June. That's when Earl went to the basement and brought up a bottle of our French wine. It was a dessert wine, so it was sweet too, and so much richer than the Moscato d'Asti.
Here's a comparison between the bottle I
bought this weekend and a regular bottle.
 Later in the week when I tried to go back to the moscato, it tasted like sparkling Kool Aid. I looked at the bottle and realized the alcohol content was only 4.5%. The French anniversary wine had an alcohol content of 13.4%.
This weekend, as I stood in front of the wine section at Trader Joe's, I decided to splurge a little. Earl was leaving for a week-long camping trip, so I picked up a tiny bottle of Sauternes wine for $20.
I also threw in a bouquet of flowers to enjoy this week too, giving myself a little stay-cation.
Grace was home briefly this afternoon and I decided that we should open the wine.
I probably used an entirely wrong kind of wine glass, but I thought these shorter glasses went well with the tiny bottle of wine.

Mmmmmm. It lived up to my expectations.
Sweet and rich, with 14% alcohol, so it didn't remind me of Kool Aid or pop.
I still think the wine is a little expensive, but I suppose it's less expensive than flying to France to buy some more wine. Although I'd prefer, to fly over and pick out my own.


Linda said...

My favorite wine here in France costs less than 4 Euros. It kills me to pay more than $5 for wine in the States.

Just Me said...

Good for you ! Cheers to the Staycation or any other reason to enjoy.

Louise said...

I love French wine too, Sauternes is always worth it. I enjoy tasting different varieties when we're there- pinot, brouilly, rose, sauternes, syrah. So much goodness. Last visit we did try some 3-5 euros wines and they were very good quaffers. Still I like some big wines too. We never bring any back as the suitcases are always too full of other goodies.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I just love wine , no just joking. I am quite picky with wine , certain countries , don't like South African , gone off Australian too.

So I stick to Italian mainly .. I pay up to £6 here in the UK , sometimes a lot less , in fact if in stock our local wine shop as a great Pinot Grigio for under £4 and buy 3 for £10, which you can mix , White , Rose and then add a Red .

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