Wednesday, January 08, 2020

The Impending Nuptials

It's a funny thing when your daughter is getting married. People ask if you like the groom.
An early photo shoot with a wolf
I'm not sure if they do that when it's your son, because my sons have not gotten married yet.
But the first question from people when we tell them our daughter is getting married is "What do you think of the groom?"
They ask as if he hasn't already become a part of our family, which he has.
Are there people who dis their daughter's soon-to-be husband?
I fear the answer is yes. 
There are many qualities one could look for in a husband for your daughter -- maybe he could be rich, or have a status job, or be a brainiac. Maybe he could be royalty or be famous. Maybe he could be as beautiful as the morning. Maybe he could be handy and fix our cars or take care of all our IT problems. Jack might have some or none of those qualities as they get married.
But the one quality that Jack has that can't be compromised on is love.
We have no doubt how much he loves Grace.
And, in the end, that is the one quality that cannot be missing in a marriage.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Paulita. They do ask when sons get married. I know. There was something in an article and on TV the other month. The mother of sons, who get married, aren't always great mother in laws because his wife doesn't always get on with his mum. Because she interferes too much. And she turns to Her mum or the mother in law doesn't think the woman he chose is good enough for her son. It does happen. There is lots about it on the Web..!!

Happy Wedding day to Grace and Jack. Wishing you both congratulations and I hope you ALL have a fabulous day x

Mary said...

My Mother never approved of my husband (we've been married now for over 50 years!) I always told myself that when my children married, as long as there was love, I would also learn to love their choice of mate. My daughter married a warm and caring man, so my job was easy! May Grace and Jack have a warm and caring marriage.

Paulita said...

Anne, Thanks for your congratulations. I hope they will be happy, and fingers crossed we all enjoy the day.
Mary, That's so sad about your mom. I'm glad you were able to turn around the tradition.

Just Me said...

Cheers to that perspective !

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