Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dreaming of France -- Firming Up Plans for Our Move

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There's no turning back now. We have committed to housesitting for someone in France in January. That helps to cement our plans to move. We'll be staying in the Charentes area and taking care of a whole menagerie of animals while the other family goes on vacation. It should definitely be a goo immersion in France.
My husband should retire in December, we'll celebrate Christmas here with our families and then fly to France.
Of course, we still need some dominoes to fall into place -- like selling the house -- but the closer we get to actually moving to France, the more excited I am.
We plan to housesit and rent in some different places to make sure the move is a good fit for us.

It can start with a single housesit, but will hopefully snowball. 
Now we're really dreaming of France. 
How bout you? 
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Anonymous said...

That's great news! It will be a good way to get your feet wet as residents rather than as visitors.

Just Me said...

As a friend likes to say, "Sweet" !

Paulita said...

Francetaste, Yes, we can tiptoe in!
Just Me, I can hear her now.

Noreen said...


We have been a part of your dream all along Paulita : )

Kiwi said...

Very glad to hear that you two are that much closer to living in France. Be sure to start putting your long stay visa applications together soon. Although you can only submit the application 90 days in advance, they take quite a bit of work, depending on which French consulate you need to work with. If the consulate in Cleveland does not do visas, you may have to travel to Chicago. The application must be submitted in person. And unless you have a job offer from a university or other company there that will help you get a working visa, you will probably have to go as "visiteurs" - in which case, you must declare that you will not work in France. Perhaps you already know all this, but it's always best to be prepared. Good luck!

Kiwi said...

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about moving to France that I can help with. My husband and I just moved here from Los Angeles in April.

Philippe F. said...

Quelle bonne nouvelle Paulita ! Nous ( vos followers ) sommes heureux pour vous 2. Vous avez franchis le Rubicon avec un grand courage. Mes respects Madame ( comme on dit en France ) ! Gardiennage de maison puis location est une excellente idée pour avoir le temps de trouver votre futur maison. Le département de la Charente ( N° 16) est trés beau avec Angoulême ( 42 000 habitants ) et Cognac ( 20 000 habitants et son célèbre vin... ) comme principales villes.L' Océan Atlantique et la ville de La Rochelle sont à 120 km.// What a great news Paulita! We ( all your followers ) are very happy for you two. You are going to cross the Rubicon with a big courage.My respects Madame ( as we say in France )! House sitting then renting is a very good idea to have time to find your dream house. The county of Charente ( N° 16 )is very nice with Angoulême( 42 000 inhabitants )and Cognac ( 20 000 inhabitants and its famous wine )as main cities. It is 120 km from Atlantic ocean and the city of La Rochelle.A bientôt.

Suzie Tullett said...

How very exciting, Paulita, for the both of you x

Jeanie said...

The housesitting is a brilliant idea! And it all makes it real. Good for you!

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