Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dreaming of France -- Paris Wedding

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Just a short post because I'm in the middle of painting the final bedroom in preparation to sell our house.
Here's a picture from our final days in France during this trip.
 I always wonder how people in other countries celebrate weddings.
As Earl and I were walking along Rue Mouffetarde, we heard singing coming from a bar. We assumed it was a rowdy singalong bar, like the Irish bars that I went to in Washington, D.C. during grad school.
But as we walked back up the road, we saw that the singing was coming from a restaurant where a young couple celebrated their wedding.
Here they are greeting or saying goodbye to a casual couple outside the restaurant.

As you can see, the groom is high fiving the man by the stroller, and the bridge is beautiful in her ball gown wedding dress. 
And to think, lucky couple, they live right there in Paris. 

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Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

From the noise in the restaurant, it appears as if the wedding was a great success.

Anonymous said...

Since the Revolution, only the city hall wedding is official; some people also do a church ceremony, but it isn't official.
Receptions are very similar to what you find in the U.S., down to the slideshow of the bride and groom as kids.

Diane said...

Looks like a fun wedding. Have a good week Diane

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