Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Brief Political Tirade

Please excuse me for this brief tirade, but I feel like people are not connecting some dots in the James Comey/President Trump episode.
Some lawmakers seem to have seizing on the fact that President Trump said, "I hope"  you can make this Michael Flynn thing disappear.
That wasn't an order if he said "I hope," they claim.
How can we prove it was an order?
Well, Comey didn't make the Flynn investigation disappear.
So Trump fired Comey.
How are Republican lawmakers skipping over that part of it. The president told Comey what he hoped happened. Comey defied him. He got fired.
The FIRED part is the important connection.
See, that's how you can prove that it was obstruction. Comey didn't do what the president wanted so he got fired.
Then Trump said firing Comey had relieved so much pressure on the Russian investigation.
Now back to talking about France and raising kids and beautiful weather.


Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Regardless of our country, we are all living in interesting political times. Politicians need to act with greater integrity and listen to their communities whom they represent and the Western powers need to wake up to the manipulation of Russia and China of their economies and politics.

diane said...

Amen! You nailed it Paulita.

Brenda in Texas said...

Finally someone who thinks like I do !

hollybholly said...

Bingo! You nailed it and I believe we are all coming to that same conclusion on obstruction. So Donald, you'd better duck! The Legislative and Judicial branches are on to you!

Sim Carter said...

Oh, I'm with you sister. It's appalling. When we were in England and France, we encountered so many people who couldn't believe what the president of the USA was up to.Is he trying to turn the entire world against America, they'd ask. I dunno but it sure feels like that.

Paulita said...

Thanks to everyone for commenting, whether you agreed with my tirade or not. Maybe people in Washington are too busy following protocol to plainly state the truth.
And, yes, Sim, Trump has done so much to hurt our standing in the world. They're talking about the G6 instead of the G7 now.

Just Me said...

Don't get me started. I'm glad your post is a couple days old. I won't comment except to say I totally agree with and others.

Jeanie said...

Amen. I feel so embarrassed about our government these days. The Comey thing just blows my mind. And the Sessions testimony today was so frustrating and annoying. I wish they'd hold him in contempt. Well stated.

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