Thursday, July 28, 2016

BrainDead is Great TV

I don't write about television very often, but this summer our family has gotten hooked on a new series called BrainDead.

Braindead is on CBS Monday nights at 10, but we just record it so we can watch, usually the next day.
The show is funny and creepy and so timely.
The main character is Laurel (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead), who wants to make
documentaries about obscure cultures, but she doesn't have the money, so she returns to her hometown, Washington, D.C., and agrees to work for her brother, a democratic senator. She's drawn into a love/hate relationship with Garreth, who works for a republican senator.
Garreth is the whole reason we started watching the show because he is played by Aaron Tveit, who Grace looooooves, because he played Enjorals in the movie Les Miserables, and he has starred on Broadway.
The premise is that a meteor landed in Russia -- which is true and includes some of the actual footage. Then a U.S. scientist has the meteor brought to D.C. to study it. The meteor is filled with space bugs that look like ants. They crawl into people's brains and make them very strident about their political positions.
It seems like it could actually be happening because people are so dug in on beliefs.
I know it sounds crazy, but it's very entertaining and we can't wait each week to see what happens next.
At the beginning of each show, there's an adorable song summing up what has happened in the previous shows.
Here's one from Week 4.

There's a little gore, but mostly it's surprising and silly and the acting knocks us out. 
I hope you'll give it a try before a fun, new show meets its demise. 


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I wonder whether it will get picked up here.

Paulita said...

It's very American, but for all I know, it could be based on a British show and then made in the U.S. It even includes clips from the current presidential race.

Linda said...

I'm not a fan of sci fi but this does sound interesting.

Paulita said...

Linda, It seems more like reality than sci-fi! Hope it isn't though. We'll see this fall.

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