Thursday, November 19, 2015

In the Woods With a Wolf

I'm still in denial about some difficulties that we've had this fall, so I'll write another happy post. This one includes pictures of Grace.
Grace is working a lot and auditioning for plays since finishing her role as Nancy in Oliver.
A photographer friend asked her to pose with a wolf as publicity both for the photographer, Candid Kama Photography, and for the wolf rescue place.
Grace convinced her boyfriend Jack and her friends Kyle and Rachel to pose with her. They all dressed up in Victorian clothes for the shoot.
I can't believe that Jack had a Victorian suit, including a top hat that flattens and pops up.
This is my favorite with Grace and the wolf in the woods. 
 And another one that I liked was this reflective picture. When I first saw it, I only saw the bottom and I wondered why they posted it upside down. Then I scrolled up and saw that the reflection was just incredibly clear.
So Grace is doing well, other than working too much.
And someday soon, I'll be ready to write about the challenges we've faced this fall.


Terra said...

These are two wonderful photos, both the one with the wolf and the one with the incredibly clear reflection. Grace must be happy with these results. I am a member of the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minn. which works to protect wolves; love these noble animals.

Paulita said...

Terra, They are incredible. Sounds like a good organization to be part of.

grammajudyb said...

Love the pictures! And {hugs} to you!

Sim Carter said...

Awww. I was just checking in to see if you were doing a Dreaming of France post this week. That’s a beautiful picture of Grace and the wolf but what strikes me, of course, is what you’re not saying, the sadness I hear in your voice. I hope the violence in France hasn’t taken the heart out of your dream. As we know very well in this country, there are mad men everywhere. We just have to live despite them. Thinking of you with affection.

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