Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Snapshot -- On the Ocean

Join West Metro Mommy for this weekly meme of photos people have taken and share on their blogs.
Spending a few days on the oceanfront provides lots of photo opportunities.
Here's a sunrise as I ran along the beach one morning. 

The evening before we left, we went for a walk on the beach and I took some pictures of Grace.

I love that the seagull placed himself in the negative space of this picture to help balance it.
And here is Grace drinking in the beauty of the ocean while the sun sets behind us in the west.


Brona said...

Love a sunset photo (& you also managed a sunrise on your holiday! Well done)

Beach photos always soothe me - looks like a peaceful break for you all.

Just Me said...

Beautiful pictures. Grace looks stunning.

Paulita said...

Brona and Just Me, Thanks for visiting my blog. Brona, I always see the sunrise. I'm an early riser. These days I'm chomping at the bit for the sun to come up so I can get outside for a run.
Just Me, Thanks. I agree that Grace looks gorgeous. Everything is good in her life right now and it shows through her smile. New job, new boyfriend, a dream part in a play. She's happy.

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