Friday, May 01, 2015

Book Sale

Friday and Saturday, you can find two of my novels on sale for the Kindle or other ebook.
If you haven't read them, I hope you'll give them a try. And tell your friends.

I See London I See France is the story of a mother who sells her minivan and runs off to Europe with her three children in hopes of finding the vibrant woman she once was.
I think it's my best book. It has some romance and some adventure thrown in.
It's only 99 cents through Saturday.

Trail Mix, the story of two women who try the ultimate diet plan on the Appalachian Trail is also 99 cents. The women leave behind disgruntled husbands and infuriating young adult children, but they find some magic on the trail.
Thanks to everyone for your support.
And,  yes, tomorrow I'll finally write the blog post that I've been avoiding, the frustration of having my 19-year-old son living at home again.
19-year-olds were definitely meant to live in dorms.

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