Wednesday, March 04, 2015

What Kind of Wife Are You?

Sometimes I wish I was one of those kinds of wives. You know the type. The ones that expect their husbands to take care of everything.
I was huddled in my car at 8:30 tonight, ready to drive home from teaching. The snow was falling heavily, and my windshield wipers scraped at the ice beneath trying to clear the glass.
I called home to see if anyone needed anything.
Spencer, home for spring break, planned to take the car after I got home.
I had been debating whether I needed to stop and get gas. I could brave the snow and get gas on the way home while the temperature hovered around 30 degrees, or I could wait for the next day when the snow would have stopped but the temperature would plummet.
If Spencer was taking the car, I'd need to stop and get gas. He's a poor college student so has no money to fill up the car.
Earl offered, "You could come home and I'll go out and get gas."
But I couldn't. I'm not that kind of wife -- the kind who would go home where it's warm while her husband ventured out in the snow for no reason. I was out already; a little snow and cold wouldn't kill me while I filled the car with gas.
And so, I did.

But Earl told me, "You can be that kind of wife if you want to."
I'll keep that promise in mind, just in case I ever need it.


Just Me said...

Me neither. We got a foot of snow yesterday and once I saw on TV that the roads were treacherous I decided I would not drive in it. I was probably the first one to call off. But as on all snow days I set out to dig us out anyway. Nearly 2 hours of digging. It was the nice snow, easy to shovel buit heavy. And I had a long way to travel with each shovel full because there were few places to put it out of the way. And yes I dug both cars out. I love shoveling snow and the exercise. My husband was not happy because it is not part of his nature to do such things.his office would be working from home. I jumped into the shower trying to wait to an appropriate texting time to contact my boss. She wasn't planning on driving in it either. He husband would take her. They offered to pick me up and I jumped at that idea. I don't mind the kind of wife I am nor the kind of husband I have but thank goodness there are those kind of wives out there. Smile.

Lucia said...

That's wonderful of him. My husband would say "your out anyway!" I keep asking him to take my car to the carwash and he says you can do it. I don't do it because I'm afraid I'll do something wrong! Maybe I should just go for it and if I damage the car, I can tell him "well I asked you!"

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