Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dreaming of France -- Saying Goodbye

Please join this weekly meme. Grab a copy of the photo above and link back to An Accidental Blog. Share with the rest of us your passion for France. Did you read a good book set in France? See a movie? Take a photo in France? Have an adventure? Eat a fabulous meal or even just a pastry? Or if you're in France now, go ahead and lord it over the rest of us. We can take it
Tonight, we watched the sunset on our vacation. We fly home in the morning.
We've had a lovely visit soaking up the culture along with eating and drinking our way through cities.
I lucked onto a lovely photo as the evening fell near the Louvre.

The clouds look dramatic and the pyramid at the Louvre is lovely lit up.

And then, while we waited for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle, I knelt down and took a shot through the pillars of the bridge. Which bridge, you may ask? I never could keep them straight. The one near the Obelisk.
You can see a sliver of the moon at the top of the photo. Venus was shining just above it too.
Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. I have cameras full of more photos I can use for Dreaming of France and some interesting stories to tell too. I hope you'll come back and join me.
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Just Me said...

Ohhh My! Those are absolutely gorgeous pictures. You have to send them to me so I can make postcards

Sim Carter said...

I agree! What stunning photos! I'm sure you're sad to leave; at least you'll have some postcard quality snapshots and all those memories. Welcome home!

Lucia said...

The picture of the Louvre in the evening light is mesmerizing! Love it!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Fabulous photos Paulita. I know you are sad, and sorry it has gone so quickly,. You will have lovely memories and photographs.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Dito Paulita, great photos! Have a great trip home!

Paulita said...

Thanks, everyone. Just got home last night (Monday) and so happy to have had a lovely trip. I think 10 days might be about the right length. Short enough that you want more, long enough to get a good feel for it.

Vicki Lesage said...

Lovely photos! So glad you had a nice trip!

Leovi said...

Yes, wonderful evening in Paris! Thank you for sharing !!

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