Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Room With a View as Writing Inspiration

I'm busy writing and editing today. I've passed 35,000 words in my Nanowrimo efforts and as I was writing a love scene, I had to return to one of my favorite lines from Room With a View when Cecil asks Lucy if he can kiss her. She says, "Well, of course, you may, Cecil. You might have before. I can't run at you, you know."
Here's the scene from youtube. The kiss comes around 3 minutes.
And, as a comparison, we must revisit the scene of the kiss in an Italian poppy field. This was what she compared -- Cecil's  kiss and George's kiss.
Love the soaring Italian opera music. I might have stuck with the Italian drive myself but Julian Sands is divine in this.
Which would you choose?
Lovely to remember and enjoy as I continue my solitary life as a writer.


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Hi Paulita, I have been enjoying reading your blog this morning. Again I am in awe of you…. writing a second novel…very impressive.

Thanks for always stoping by my blog. I left you a reply but didn't know if you would check back. The answer to your question is: Om Puri plays the father. I have a photo of him on this post:

All the best,

Paulita said...

Thanks, Sally. Looking forward to reading the book and seeing the movie. You were so lucky to watch the filming.

Linda said...

I never saw this movie, or read the book. I'll do it one day.

Adria said...

This is one of my very favorite films... And I can still watch it over and over! Just beautiful... Thanks for sharing the clip!

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