Monday, January 24, 2011

Boots Made For Walking -- in the snow

It's Ohio, which means we don't have a ton of snow. We don't live on the tundra. The snowfall has increased the past few years though and seems to stay longer. I have some hiking boots I've worn in the snow, but they aren't appropriate for teaching.
Last year I bought some high-heeled ankle boots which work nice for teaching, but I can feel the wetness seeping in when I wear them in the snow.
Last Thursday, as a snowstorm sprinkled on central Ohio, Grace and I traipsed into Macys. I found a pair of snow boots that are warm and a step above hiking boots so I can get away with wearing them to teach.

They lace up the back, which makes it difficult to slip them on and off, but they are incredibly warm.
After I had paid, I put them on in the store.
"Come on," I told Grace. "We need to leave. I'm burning up with these new boots on."
I wore them on my driving odyssey to New York and I did take them off for awhile, but putting them on at the rest stop added too much time to my trip, so I just left them on after that.
They have a design of metal studs, some round, some square along the top, but I don't know if anyone will ever see those because my pants cover them and I don't wear skinny jeans to tuck into boots.
Have you had to opt for new snow gear this year?


Linda said...

We don't have all that much snow this year - unusual for us. It's been bitter cold the last couple of days though with -31F windchills. Since I've been unemployed this winter I've been able to enjoy hibernation. lol

Lucia said...

Yes, I got new boots, they're ugly and for back and forth to work.
I need some real snow worthy ones but I don't play in the snow anymore. They'd be more for walking in the snow or shovelling.
My work ones are too short for any major stormage. I would make due, with double pair of socks or snow pants, WHICH I'M PROUD to own! Gotta have snow pants.

Paulita said...

Linda, That's looking at the bright side. The snow is weird this year. They've actually gotten more south of us. Enjoy being warm while you can

Paulita said...

Lucia, It's hard to hit that balance between workable and attractive

Linda said...

I had to buy some snow boots in NYC to wear here after trudging through some heavy snow and then ice. They keep my feet really warm.

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