Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Longing Returns

It took a month and a half. Nearly 45 days of contentment. Or maybe I was just too busy getting ready for graduation that I didn't have time to think about it.
This morning, I read a blog, one of the blogs I read everyday, and that feeling hit me in the gut.
The blog is Tongue in Cheek and you can find a link along the right side of my blog
Today, she talked about different kinds of French breads, baguettes and batards and pain de campagne. She showed wheels of goat cheese. Then she included shots of the markets -- big melons and handwritten signs with loopy French writing.
That's when the longing hit. I wanted to go to France again.
After our trip at the end of April, I thought I'd fulfilled my desire for a few years, but here it came again.
Then I got an email from France Guide, announcing a new contest. I entered and watched the "lost in francelation" video about apero, that before dinner drink and snack.
Oh, how I want to visit France again.
I begin to plot. I could win the lotto. I could sell a novel. I could win the contest.
Even a bowl of black olives hasn't quenched that latest gnawing in my stomach.
Picture me in France - again.


Linda said...

Good luck. I hope you win the contest. Hard to be France.

Stephanie said...

I'm sensing the next manifestation of you dream will be your living there. Are you ready?

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