Monday, June 07, 2010


Aaaaaah. What a crazy, exciting weekend. And I'm so pleased now that it's all over and everything went smoothly.
There are three posts I want to write: Baking Day, Party Day and Graduation Day.
But first, I have to get ready for my class and get my oldest son to basketball, my husband, father and youngest son off to the golf course and my daughter out the door to work.
So for now, I just want to thank everyone who helped me make it through this weekend -- and you all know who you are.
To Ruth who drove 4 1/2 hours to help me bake cakes then drove back 4 1/2 hours the next day without ever tasting a cake.
To Sheila who forced me to get organized and then baked. She brought pans and mixers, umbrellas and coolers, hula hoops and cake servers.
To Bethany, who decorated and kept Grace calm.
To my neighbor Sandy who let us empty her backyard to create a circus-like atmosphere in our backyard.
To my friends who came to support me as much as Grace, especially the ones I didn't think would show up -- like Pam and Najah. To Noreen, who came 45 minutes early when I wasn't even home, but who brought along her husband who helped us get the DVD of Grace's childhood running.
To my best friend from high school who drove an hour and a half knowing that she wouldn't know anyone at the party and that I wouldn't have more than a few minutes to spend with her, but still she came to celebrate.
To my mom who took pictures and cut cake and washed dishes. To my dad who sat through the party, the graduation ceremony and came out to dinner even though it meant missing the end of a golf tournament on television.
To Pam W-H who stayed and cleaned up the trash and sopping wet plates from the backyard.
To Tracie who took the time to ask me about my writing in the midst of the chaos, and who, when I described the latest book said, "I got chills..." What more inspiration do I need to keep writing?
To the Chelli who came to eat cake and to the Julas who came late but still came.
And to all of you in cyberspace who don't know me but who were sending me good thoughts
I am truly grateful.


Sheila said...

Man now I feel guilty that i didn't help at the party. :)I just swooped in ate cake, drank sangria then swooped back out. :)

I had a lot of fun baking with you and Ruth, thanks for letting me help!

Stephanie said...

I am truly grateful to have had your family as a part of my life for the past 10? years.

And I still felt welcome arriving 45 minutes early to the party, which was a bit awkward and very embarrassing.

Sheila, I'm so jealous that you got to meet Ruth!

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