Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wrapping Paper

This morning before Mass I needed to wrap a Christmas present for my goddaughter. I rolled out the blue paper with white snowflakes on my bed and began cutting it. That's when I wondered if everyone wraps Christmas presents on their bed. I've seen House Hunters or the Home & Garden section of the newspaper talking about wrapping rooms. I wondered what kind of people could devote an entire room of their house to wrapping presents.
When I wait to wrap all of the presents on the night before Christmas, my back begins to hurt from leaning over the bed. It seems a small price to pay. Or, I could wrap a few every day so that I'm finished on Christmas Eve.
How about you, where do you wrap?


Sheila said...

on my bedroom floor. But i should have vacuumed first. I kept getting dog hair stuck to the tape. :)

Linda said...

I sat on my couch to wrap presents. I was watching TV while I wrapped.

Stephanie said...

I wrap on my bedroom floor too, though I do vacuum first because of "my" hair that gets stuck to the tape and static-clings to the paper.

Not a Scrooge said...

I was never so embarassed (not exactly true) as the year my back went completely out the day after wrapping all my gifts on the kitchen counter, no less.

I buy less gifts now.

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