Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Break Exercisorama

I was going to call this post The Biggest Loser because that is where the idea came from. I had never watched the television show The Biggest Loser but only seen the commercials when I cattily pointed out a huge man at a swim meet. I said to my friend Pat, "That man is nearly big enough to be on The Biggest Loser."
"Oh, he is," Pat assured me. Turned out he watched the show. He explained that it was different from other competitive shows because everyone really rooted for each other. They knew they all needed to stay. I got curious and watched the show a few times. Last week was the weight loss finale and the winner lost more than 50 percent of his body weight. I'm not sure how long that process took, probably 6 months to a year, still it seemed extreme.
The thing about the biggest loser is that these overweight people exercise all the time. That's why I decided that Christmas Break will be my exercisorama with a lot of working out. I have three weeks before classes start again and I intend to get back into shape so I can run 10 miles without lugging extra pounds around.
The fact that my kids have Christmas Break swim practices everyday except Christmas and New Year should make it easier for me to keep my pledge. Sometimes they have two-a-day practices. When they're in the pool, I plan to be on the treadmill or the bicycle or the stairstepper or lifting weights.
So far, most of my friends have refused to join in, but one of the swim moms says she'll be in the gym with me.
So I started this morning with a 45-minute run. It's longer than my runs have been this fall as I rushed to get back to prepare for class or grade papers. I plan to follow up with a walk tonight and then tomorrow I'll extend my run to 60 minutes.
I do have one concern. I think when I trained for the marathon, I messed up my metabolism. My body thought we needed to horde fat and calories for those long runs. Don't you think that will happen again? If I exercise like crazy, will my body start to store fat again?
In addition to getting in shape, I've promised myself the present of a new song from iTunes for everyday I work out. So I'm going to need your help with some suggestions. I need good, fast running music. Tucker seems to pick music that I always enjoy, mixing alternative and pop. This morning, my favorite song on my run was "The Great Escape" by Boys Like Girls.
Any suggestions?


Steph said...

Run PK Run!

This will get your heart pumping.

Linda said...

I don't do ITunes but I would like to figure out how to do it. My husband and I have joined an exercise club and I am exercising every morning. I've been losing about a pound a day but I know that won't last as I lose more. I was so tired of how I was looking in my clothes-the old muffin top. It feels good to do something about it.

Paulita said...

Steph, I agree that "What I Like About You" is an awesome song that will keep me moving. After my 1 1/2-mile walk home last night, in my clogs, the bottoms of my feet are killing me!
Linda, Good for you. That sounds like an awesome work out if you're losing a pound a day.

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