Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for the Rush

Aaaah! Here it is, a holiday. Time to sleep in and laze about the house, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and sip some coffee. That is unless you're me and crazy enough to overbook even on a holiday.
It's hard to resist a Thanksgiving Day run that offers a bottle of wine at the end. So I'll be leaving soon to join two of my friends. We'll tie electronic chips to our shoes and run four miles before queuing up for that bottle of wine. My friend Pam, who hates to have any attention drawn to herself, signed up for the run but isn't going, because people might look at her and realize she's Pam. No, wait. That's PAM!!! Why couldn't I tie her chip to my other shoe and get two bottles of wine? I'm still mulling this one over.
Last night I lined up the recipes for today's big meal according to which would take the most time. The turkey, of course, a good four hours. We're going with a tried and true recipe that includes apple cider and soy sauce. Don't ask, but trust me it's good. Next come the sweet potatoes with Jack Daniels that take over an hour to bake. Tucker's in charge of the corn casserole at one hour. Cheesy garlic mashed potatoes a little less than an hour. Green bean casserole less than half an hour. Rolls 10 minutes. Oh, I forgot about the cranberries. I'll have to remind Grace to make those. She loves watching each cranberry explode out of it's skin as they cook into a thick jelly.
I looked at my recipes lined up along the counter and realized I needed to put the correct pan or casserole beside each one. If Earl started the sweet potatoes with the wrong pan, the rest of the dishes would fall into the wrong pan. It could be a disaster. Suddenly, I remembered the time Suburban Kamikaze went to her mil's house for the first time and made fun of her for laying out serving dishes with little name tags in them -- chips, rolls, lunch meat. Maybe I have become that person, the Midwest woman with name tags in the serving dishes.
We're trying to eat at noon then go over to Earl's sister's house at 2 to see her daughter home from Chicago and her other daughter's one-month-old. Then Earl has to go to work. The kids and I will come home and I'll finally have that lazy day I had planned.
Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time that you count your blessings, and, I do, but it's also a time when I miss family. I called my mom yesterday morning while I was on my way to work.
"Will you please come up for Christmas?" I asked. "I'm so tired of having holidays without any family around." I could feel myself near tears, but if you'd asked me I would have said I didn't feel especially sentimental about celebrating with just our immediate family, again. Mom said she'd talk to dad about it. I know it's hard on them to travel. They're in their 70s now, but we're so sewn in by swim team practices and basketball games. The kids can't get away for more than Christmas day and Earl has to work. We are caught here.
So, I am thankful for work. Earl saw his company teeter this year, and although he didn't keep the job he enjoyed, he did keep a job and his salary. I have more work than ever, and even if I complain, I'm grateful.
I'm thankful for my husband, who spends those new day time hours when he isn't working, taking care of the house and doing laundry, so I won't have so much work to do. I'm thankful and know I don't deserve a husband who always puts me first, thinking of my happiness.
I'm thankful for the way I see my kids growing and changing, becoming independent people, even when they are pains.
I'm thankful for my friends, who are spread few and far between, but loyal and wise.
Happy Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?


Sheila said...

Well I'm thankful that you moved into Grandview and we get to see each other sporadically and that we stayed friends even when our kids friendships wavered.

BTW you're crazy for going on a run before cooking a Thanksgiving Day dinner that you plan n serving at noon! :)

But I think it's awesome that you're kids are helping, each with their own dish. What about Spencer?

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow! Oh I'm also thankful for the BOGO free coupon for Caribou that has to be used tomorrow.

Linda said...

I feel a little blue around the holidays without immediate family around but try to get over it by focusing on my blessings. I'm having my Thanksgiving on Saturday which wasn't in my plans.

Just Pam said...

Nice Thanksgiving story. I loved the serving dish idea, I have the same issue with pots and pans, use this one for this and then the dish goes into a new pan and then I can wash it for that and so on.

I can't see how you accomplished so much in such little time. What you said about me is true, but I would put that aside for a run you guys, but this year it was a timing issue and wanting to remain peaceful and not rushed and irritable. We did deliver our thanksgiving plates to my mother and sister right at noon. Ahhh. Then back home to eat and enjoy the holiday afternoon.

I'm thankful for my in laws and brother in law from SF visiting staying with us Sunday thru Wednesday this week. Relatives need to come a couple times a year just so that I'm motivated to clean my house the way it needs it.

Enjoy your holiday weekend if you're off the whole four days.

Paulita said...

Oh, Pam. Sorry if I credited you with false motives for ditching us. I can see how your morning was rushed and I'm glad you got to relax afterward. I got your bottle of wine and we carried your tag with us, so you probably have a time for the race. Hope it wasn't better than mine. I count you as one of my blessings. See you Saturday.

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