Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You, Sir, Are No Harry Potter

When my youngest got his glasses, they were oval shaped, and, combined with his messy dark hair, people began to tell him he looked like Harry Potter. He got it everywhere from friends, new acquaintances, and strangers. He'd dress up like a vampire for Halloween, his face white, blood dripping from his teeth and people would say, "Oh, you're Harry Potter."
It didn't matter how he dressed, they were certain he was portraying the young wizard.
I'll never forget the day we went to the eye doctor and he ordered the new glasses with the rectangular frames. After he put them on, we walked out and he said, "Now, no one will say I look like Harry Potter."
That same day, at a store, a kid called out, "You look just like Harry Potter."
Tucker's shoulders deflated. Would he never leave behind the Harry Potter comments?
I still don't see the resemblance. He has no scar on his forehead. He's definitely not magical because he'd use that to clean his room and get out of chores. He has brown eyes, not green, and he can't fly on a broom, although he does a pretty good job of skimming along the water.

So what do you think? Do you see a resemblance between my son and the boy wizard? Every good wizard needs a cat!

By the way, I did not make it to the movie last night and not because calmer heads prevailed. It was because tickets were sold out. My family went today while I was working. Grace loved the movie and said it was her favorite. The boys and Earl both declared there wasn't enough action, and they aren't talking in the love department. Apparently too much love, not enough mayhem.


Linda said...

It's probably the combination of his hair and glasses-any kind. I sort of see it.

Sheila said...

You guys didn't preorder tickets, what were you thinking? We went yesterday also, loved it but they were right, there was a big focus on the love lives of the characters.

Hard to Keep My Thoughts Quiet said...

Yes he does.

I can't look at picture of Tucker without thinking that, I'm sorry. At least I've never said it out loud.

But I also thought Stephanie reseambled Sara Palin (until Sara's not so beautiful side showed itself).

I no longer think they look alike at all.

Audubon Ron said...

Yes, he does favor Harry Potter.

Paulita said...

Sheila, the daughter was in charge of arrangements. She fell through on the ticket buying.
Come on, guys. Really? You think he looks like HP?

Stephanie said...

Ahh! I do not "look" like Sara Palin! (though I "do" tend to babble alot and not make any sense when I speak)

Tucker does not look like Harry Potter either. I think we are just being stereotyped because we wear glasses.

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