Thursday, July 16, 2009


Now that I have "SiteMeter," I can see how people get to my blog. I'm trying not to become obsessive about it, but I was so excited to see someone from Hungary was reading my blog. Shout out to Hungary. Oh, and the Netherlands! Go Netherlands. And France, Canada, Mexico. I'm full of joie de worldwide visitors.
But, I digress, because what I found out was that many people are coming to my blog because of the article on ChiRunning. I hope they aren't sorely disappointed when they read all about my first and only attempt at ChiRunning. That one that ended with my trip to the emergency room and changing clothes on the highway exit. You can find the post on Oct. 10, 2007.
I'm sure people searching for ChiRunning want to hear how it helps heal sore joints and allows previously injured people to run for miles and miles without pain. Instead, they find me with my busted knee. That accident kept me from running for a good six weeks. When I did start running again, I got a stress fracture in my foot. So, I can't say that ChiRunning was the savior I'd hoped it would be. As a matter of fact, I'm going to have to say that it has to take a little responsibility for my fall. I'd been running for years and had never fallen. I'm clumsy the rest of the time, (we won't mention rollerblading and the torn ACL) but usually not while I'm running.
One of the techniques taught in ChiRunning is a slight lean forward to allow gravity to help move the body forward, thus running without too much effort. If I hadn't been leaning, the sidewalk would surely not have greeted me so quickly.
And what about that metronome thing that was clipped to my belt pinging at me to move my feet in rhythm? Shouldn't that bear some responsibility? If it hadn't urged me to move faster, maybe I wouldn't have tripped on that uneven sidewalk.
I'm running again, a fair amount, but I'm not ChiRunning. I haven't tried it again at all. My physical therapist suggested I stick with what I know, afraid that I might end up with another stress fracture. So that just leaves disappointed people coming to my blog in search of ChiRunning Nirvana and leaving instead with the bad taste of the emergency room visit.
Well, for today, they can leave with something else. I still have the book and the metronome thingy? Any offers? I can assure you that both were barely used, except to taunt me that ChiRunning is supposed to be injury free. It says it right there on the cover.


Audubon Ron said...

Metronome? I'm sure I run in the largo range.

Paulita said...

It's a little beeping device that attachs to your waistband. You can increase or decrease the beeps and your paces are supposed to match it. It also impaired my ability to listen to my iPod while running.
Apparently, my range was flat, since that's where I fell.

Ruth said...

worliI do not run, chi or otherwise, but you cannot be more klutzy than I am as I actually pulled my bike over on myself when I was riding the other day. I would never admit ot it except a) I have not output control and b) someone saw. Love you more.

Paulita said...

Just so you know, you just admitted to everyone, even people in Hungary.

Stephanie said...

Ok, so my klutziness is the stuff of legends. Be it dry, flat pavement, off road trails, or icy-covered surfaces, the conditions are of little consequence. Fortunately, I have never seriously injured anything (except my pride)for all the times I've bit the dust (done a face-plant, wiped out, splatted on the pavement...)

One might think that ChiRunning could be the antidote for someone like me, but I am not very adept at multi-tasking either, which seems should be a prerequisite for someone considering ChiRunning.

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