Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Paulita's Ponderings

I didn't really mean to start this blog. Iwas only trying to respond to Allison's blog and I had to jump through all of these hoops.
Anyway, I would love to set a goal of writing 1000 words a day.
When I write, I use single space, then later I go back and change it to double space. So 1000 words would be two full pages. Better than my current output, which for this week stands at 0 (I wish I could make that a capital zero.)


Larramie said...

Good for you, Paulita! By visiting Allison's blog, you not only have your own blog -- to promote that novel someday --, you also have a small group of us for encouragement and motivation.

BTW, keep the husband. ;o)

some one else said...

Positively Pleased Paulita Publishes Ponderings. Having just been given this web address, I love the articles. I've even decided to space reading them out over time, to both savor each posting on its own, and most important to never be without her next adventure.

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