Thursday, August 10, 2006

Glamour Life

It's six a.m. and so far I've fed the cats, cleaned up the sink, taken about 50 vitamins, emptied the dehumidifier and cleaned up cat puke. No wonder I never get any writing done.
I'm going to run, then I'm leaving and taking my computer with me. I vow to get some writing done this morning.


Larramie said...

I finally checked my "under construction" blog today and found your return post. Yes, Larramie rhymes with Jeremy, it's a different, distinctive name that readers aren't likely to forget. ;o)

So, how did you do after running away with your computer? If that didn't help, you might try Allison's "fiction challenge" every Monday.

suburbankamikaze said...

Except that you have already found time to write an entire novel. And when it is published you can hire someone to clean up the cat puke for you.

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