Thursday, June 16, 2022

French Bread Secrets

It’s true that many places in France have baguette vending machines. Baguettes are iconic in France, and a meal isn’t a meal without bread. 
The vital vending machine

This morning, after an hour-long hike before the temperatures rise too high, I stopped at the bakery and saw a woman filling the baguette machine. 
I knew I needed to peek inside to learn the secrets of the baguette vending machine and share it too. 
The young woman politely stepped back and let me snap a picture while juggling the bread and pastries I had already purchased. 
Et voilà! 
The inner workings
Baguettes lined up in a row waiting for customers to put their 1,20 in and have a baguette slide into their hands. 


Lynnp said...

Makes me a little sad... walking to the boulevard, asking for the baguette and paying are all part of the wonderful culture and routine.... blasphemy!!

Lynnp said...

Boulangerie...not boulevard sheesh

Noreen said...

Wait, what? Picture me shaking my head.

Mystica said...

In a country where everything is in short supply, I'd love this machine!

Kiwi said...

Great to have a peek inside. I had always imagined sort of Rube Goldberg innards, kneading, rolling and baking the loaves, even though I knew they had to be already made. Still surprised at how many loaves it holds!

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