Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Birthday Extraordinaire

Last week I celebrated a birthday. Not a milestone birthday, but everyone made it feel so special. 

Starting with my friends Claudine and Ray who couldn’t be with me but made a giant sign in the sand. 
I began the day with a run then showered and met friends at the cafe for coffee and viennoiseries (breakfast pastries) but since it was my birthday, I got a l’éclair au café. Normally that would be an after lunch or dinner pastry. 
Next, we were off to Narbonne Plage. No sit-down restaurants were open but we found a bar that served paninis and fries as we sat on a swinging seat and sipped our Aperol spritzes. 

Afterwards we headed down to the beach for a walk and some sand time. It was sparking and not too windy. I only put my feet in the water. 

Next we drove to Narbonne and walked around the old city. The square was full of people soaking up the sun.

 A Roman road rests in the middle of the square, about 8 feet lower than today’s plaza. 
This is a picture of the road from a previous trip to Narbonne.  
This road originally ran from the Mediterranean to Briancon in the Alps. 
Next we explored the cathedral in Narbonne which is always striking. 

No filter. That’s how blue the sky was. 

We got home in the evening in time to chat with all the kids and mom and dad back in the States. 
Some amazing gifts included an espresso maker, an olive tree for the terrace, some luxurious bath gels, a blooming hyacinth, a silk scarf and robe, a sparkly green plant, a bottle of champagne and the pleasure of spending time with my amazing friends. 
Just another birthday in France. . 


sillygirl said...

When I was on a tour there was one woman having a birthday and bemoaning that she wasn't home with friends. I said too bad that this time she spent the day in France, Italy and Switzerland - we were right near the borders. She didn't comment after that!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday! I have spent several birthdays in France, it's a wonderful place to celebrate!

Noreen said...

How wonderful Paulita!

Kiwi said...

Happy Birthday! That uncovered Roman road is amazing.

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