Monday, March 22, 2021

A Walk in the Woods

This curfew is making me feel constrained. Of course, that’s the point, keeping people confined from 6 pm to 6 am. Just this past weekend, the curfew got pushed back to 7 pm. I’m grateful for the extra hour, but I feel antsy. 
Since I was a little kid, I’ve sprung out of bed in the morning, afraid I might miss something happening in the world. 
The view of our town from very high above
I hate being trapped inside when something could be going on in the world. Truthfully, it's not; the world is very quiet right now in our part of France, but I can't shake the feeling.
I have proclaimed a few times that we should spend every minute of the day outside since we aren't allowed to wander during curfew.
So on Sunday, after a morning at the market with a coffee to-go and a pastry, then three hours working, I headed out on a walk. I wasn't sure where I would go, just exploring. 
I started on a normal path up to Ginoles, stopping to feed some carrots to the two donkeys that graze there. The sun came out in the afternoon, but the wind was biting, so I wore a hat and a couple of layers. A lot of the time, I tied my jacket around my waist, but when I was hiking downhill, I got cool and felt glad for the jacket.
I pushed on the steep path up to Ginoles and did a bit of bushwhacking to arrive at the street above the church. Then I kept going.
A few times, I have followed the road to the Col, but this time, I followed the path, going down and up again rather than winding around. 
I reached the Col du Portel by path; not a bad route

A look back where I had come from
Then, instead of running or walking down the twisting road, I continued to follow the hiking path through tall pine trees. 

I crossed a bridge

I had to shimmy through some prickly plants where the path narrowed. 
And finally, I couldn't find the path anymore so I had to follow the road. 

The sign welcomes people to Quillan, but I appreciated the view of the faraway mountain between the peaks.

A few hours later, I arrived safely home, a bit worn out, but not regretting the hours I spent walking through the woods before I shut myself indoors for curfew again. 


sillygirl said...

I feel antsy if I can't be outside for a while each day. Maybe in previous lives we were explorers!

Kiwi said...

Looked like a brilliant day, even if a bit brisk. The best kind of walking weather. I've always been impressed by the French system of "randonnées" that crisscross the whole country - and different ones for horseback riders too. Love your red walking shoes!

Paulita said...

Sillygirl, Yes, the outdoors is invigorating and expiring. Hopefully, we're still exploring.
Kiwi, Never a shortage of hiking trails. I haven't tried riding a horse on trails in France.

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