Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Quick Visit to Paris

I love traveling to Paris. It always fills me with joy — all the beauty and the history! 
Lights on the water

The sky was much darker than shows in this picture. The lights reflecting on the water looked like an impressionist painting. 
This was the last picture I took on Friday. 
What came before? 
A new perspective
From here you can’t see the ruined parts of Notre Dame. 
An archway along the river

We walked along the Seine. 

A shot of Pont du Carrousel

The views are always beautiful. 

Here we are at Place du Carrousel

I was trying to capture the light of the setting sun that shone on our faces.  

The sun behind the pyramid at the Louvre.
They didn't have water in all of the fountains by the entrance to the Louvre

A gap in the trees showed the Eiffel Tower and the Seine

Finally the lights came up on The Eiffel Tower. 

Mostly we’re feeling safe as we travel. We occasionally see someone without a mask but not often. We haven’t eaten inside any restaurants. 
We’ll scope out how big the crowd is for the Tour de France before we decide what to do. We hope to be able to see the riders on Sunday as they finish. 


Jeanie said...

Sounds like a welcome respite. I so hope you can get a good spot to watch the Tour. I've missed so much being away but try to watch the highlights. Have fun!

John and Lynn Phillips said...

It's the best experience is to watch the entry into Paris on the last day of the Tour. We watched from the Place we la Concorde...had no idea the huge circus atmosphere that precedes guess is this year the crowds will allow distancing. It has seemed that way by what we've seen on tv.

Just Me said...

Beautiful pictures Paulita as usual. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Mystica said...

I like the idea of being able to visit Paris when you like!!!! for me the procedure of getting a visa (not right now but eventually) is a nightmare. The queues, the forms, the questions, the documents needed. It has to be done though somehow!

Lisbeth @ The Content Reader said...

Paris is always nice and you have some beautiful photos here. I presume there are fewer people than usual, which is also an advantage. Enjoy the sights and stay safe.

Maria said...

Olá, bom dia. Eu estou fazendo uma campanha para arrecadar fundos para voltar para minha terra. Porque estou com problema de saúde e gostaria de ficar perto da minha família. Desde já agradeço! muito obrigada... E se você puder colaborar clique no link abaixo:

Paulita said...

Jeanie, Thanks. Yes, we wanted to see Paris with fewer tourists, and we did. Most people were very conscientious about wearing masks. Only one point when we were on the Metro that I insisted we get off because it became too crowded.
John and Lynn, Sounds fabulous. During a normal year, we might have been fighting to get on the Place de Concorde or the Champs Elysees, but this year we stayed near our hotel and watched the Tour come down Boulevard St. Michel. People lining the streets, but not crowded.
Just Me, Thanks for coming along.
Mystica, Yes, we are so fortunate to be able to board a train and arrive in Paris, no visa, no passport. Hope you are able to travel here soon.
Lisbeth, Thanks. I was quite pleased with some of the photos too.

Maria said...

Olá, bom dia. Eu fiz uma campanha para arrecadar fundos para voltar para minha Terra. Se você puder colaborar clique:
Que Deus te dê em dobro.

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