Monday, August 27, 2018

An Author's Life

I once had a writing colleague tell me that there's no such thing as "writer's block;" it's just a lazy person's way to avoid writing.
I'd like to say that my life in France has been too happy to write much, but I've had plenty of sad times or doldrums, and that still hasn't sent me to the keyboard.

Perhaps I could claim that I've been too busy living my life to write, but I've read nearly 300 pages of a novel and watched two movies this weekend, time that I could have spent writing.
So apparently, not writing is a choice for me now.
I have another novel finished, waiting for editing, and a novel that I'm so excited about, but it's only half written. Guess I'm not that excited about it.
If I followed a schedule, sitting down to write every morning, I know I'd be caught up in the characters again and finish it in no time.
Discipline. I knew I was missing something.


Sim Carter said...

I think this is a time for you to allow yourself to just be, to soak up the sights, the country's culture, get to know people, of course, but mostly a time to find your way in this new life, how to be yourself within this new world. Finding your routine will come when you're ready, don't you think?
Seems to me you're approaching that point.

Jeanie said...

Personally, I think you are soaking it all up. You are absorbing by being, not just by observing. And when you write, I think you will find the things you write about France, about this experience or those doing the same will be all the richer for this time you have spent connecting to a new life. My two cents!

Kiwi said...

Just bought The Summer of France. Looking forward to it! I agree with the others that your new experiences will provide even more delicious details and plot twists for readers of your upcoming novels.

Just Me said...

Hmmmm good point. Comments are actually encouraging to wait, your writing will be all the better for it. I like that idea.

Paulita said...

Thanks everyone. I wasn't trying to boost my slovenly lifestyle, but I like your ideas. Maybe I'm not lazy, just busy living.
Sim, It is definitely a different lifestyle. Hope it leads to some intense writing eventually.
Jeanie, Like you, I hope the things I'm experiencing come through my eventual writing.
Kiwi, Thanks for buying The Summer of France. Let me know what you think, and maybe you can compare to other books that come out after my French life has taken hold.
Just Me, You're right, the comments are encouraging. I'll roll with it for now.

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