Thursday, November 30, 2017


We have a week before we need to be out of the house, so I’m attempting to pack for France, along with allowing for clothes to wear here at home where it’s cold, and for our 10 days in Florida where it’s warm. 
The other day we received a box of vacuum storage bags. So today I spent time trying to see if all the clothes I plan to take will fit. 
A lot of times I don’t wear very warm clothes because I still get hot flashes. Many times I’m wearing short sleeves or sleeveless dresses with a cardigan so I can strip down at the first sign of inner flush. 
As I packed today, cramming sweaters and warm pajamas in the vacuum bags, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would even wear everything I’m taking along. I winnowed out so many things but I continued to remove dresses and shirts from my pile. 

On television, those vacuum bags look so smooth. Mine looked like vacuum-packed roasts. 

The bags are super heavy now, of course because there’s no air in them. 
I have another suitcase that I plan to pack for our days in Paris and I may take an extra bag to Florida. Before we leave there, I’ll have to fit all those summer clothes into my bags so I can get them to France. 
It’s all an adventure. 


Jeanie said...

Oh Paulita -- gloriously exciting, scary and overwhelming. But you'll be fine. (They have stores in France, too!)

Just Me said...

I'm a little unsettled For You. Excited of course but we're on clift ready to jump. Jeanie is right of course.

Anonymous said...

Exciting! As Jeanie said, you can always buy stuff here. And you might want to!!

sillygirl said...

We go about 3 weeks on tours every year and after 16 tours I still pack things "just in case". When we got back in October for the first time while it was fresh in my mind I set aside what I'm taking NEXT year - think this time I can travel even lighter. I have gotten it down to 18 pounds in my rolly bag and 5 in my day bag. It's having shoes to rotate for my feet that weigh the most. My goal is no bag unopened for the time we are away!

Just Me said...

Wow Sillygirl I'm in awe

Paulita said...

Thanks everyone.
Jeanie, I need to channel that excitement to get through this last week.
Just Me, I know. If I stop to think about it, I could get overwhelmed, so I'll just keep plowing along and not think about it.
Francetaste, Yes, of course, I could, and probably will, buy things in France. Leaving all of my other belongings behind, I'm hesitant to ditch more clothes.
Sillygirl, That is impressive. Hopefully, anything that I'm taking that I don't need, I can put in a drawer in our new house in France.

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