Saturday, April 09, 2016

Saturday Snapshot -- April Snow

Join West Metro Mommy for this weekly meme of photos people have taken and share on their blogs.
We woke up this morning to find that Spring has abandoned us and winter returned in full force.
I tried to go for a run but stinging nettles of icy pellets attacked my face, so I came home. My husband agreed to go for a walk with me, so we could be bundled up.
The weather continued to be cold and blustery, but we paused to take some pictures of the snow on the freshly bloomed flowers.

We also took a tulip selfie. This woman always has gorgeous tulips every spring. It feels like Holland.

The snow also looked picturesque on the creeping phlox.

The weather should return to the Spring later this week. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, bad weather or no.


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Wow! It is really beautiful to see the snow on the blooms...but hopefully spring will return shortly.

We had lovely spring weather this week, but today it is raining. I guess that is more "spring-like" than snow.

Enjoy your weekend, and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

Sandra Nachlinger said...

Love your tulip selfie and all your other photos! I hope the snow melts soon and spring actually arrives for you. We're enjoying beautiful weather here in Washington state (U.S.)
My Saturday Snapshot post features my hike on May Valley Trail.

Roz . Russell said...

How lovely to see the flowers and with the little bit of snow on them is even better, here in Northern France it is much the same, we started to get good weather but then the rain came and it got colder again, at least the farmers are happy
look what we did Saturday

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Such great pics. Our snow has melted away but, we didn't have any flowers blooming when it fell.

Sim Carter said...

Wow! It’s so different here in California where it’s been feeling like summer came early! I miss that ‘blossoms in the snow’, remembering when I was a kid in Canada after a long winter, you knew spring was coming sometime because the crocus would pop up through the snow.

Just Me said...

You guys are so darn cute. April has been quite cold here in KY with big winds. But we did have a mild winter so no complaints from me.

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