Saturday, October 31, 2015

Parenting Easy A-Style

One of Grace's friends has recently been hanging out at our house some. Grace met her at work, so Earl and I didn't know her until she began to meet Grace here. She and Grace plan to get an apartment together so it's nice to get to know her.
While we've gotten to know her, she has learned some things about our family too.
This morning, she sent Grace a text that said she'd finally figured out who we are like -- the family in Easy A, minus the adopted brother.  Of course, she hasn't been here when Grace's brothers were home, so we might even meet those criteria.
I love the parents in Easy A, and I can definitely see Grace as Emma Stone.
If you haven't seen the movie, it's a lot of fun. I show it in my speech class when we talk about people making assumptions about each other and climbing the ladder of inference.
Here are a couple of clips of the parents in Easy A. Now, if you haven't met me in person, you can get glimpse of what I aspire to act like as I raise my children. And if you have met me, you can judge whether the future roommate is correct.
Imagine how mortified this boy must have been.
Here's the family interacting.

And this one, the mother's comment at the beginning is priceless. When the daughter says she was called to the office at school, the mother says, "Did you get a medal?" That's definitely what I would think.
Hope everyone has an exciting and fun Halloween.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Paulita ..well I have watched the clips ..very funny. I haven't met you but I think you are different to the lady in the clips. .Not sure why. Love to see more comments from people who know you.

Just Me said...

The clips were funny and you are hilarious but it was like nothing I've ever seen or expected so my senses were over whelmed. I might need to see the movie.

Paulita said...

Anne and Just Me, I suspect it is the quick repartee and the adult treatment we give our children that made this roommate feel like we are similar to the parents in Easy A. It's a good movie. A take off on the Scarlet Letter, but with a definite twist.

Lucia said...

I liked the movie! But I love Emma Stone too! I have met you but not Earl so...can't say anything to that...or your Grace...although I love from her postings what a vivacious fun loving girl she is!!! Can't wait one day to see her on the big screen or Broadway!!!

Paulita said...

Thanks, Lucia. She certainly introduces me to so many shows that I would probably never see. She has a callback tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

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