Sunday, June 28, 2015

Inspiration in a Letter

I got a note from my aunt.
I had sent Aunt Esther a copy of my latest book. She has read both of my previous books, and when we talked at the beginning of June, I realized that she hadn't read Trail Mix.
When I told her the book was about two women hiking the Appalachian Trail, her eyes got round behind her glasses.
"Oh, that's my thing!" she said.
So I sent her the book that week, and the following week, I got a note from her, along with a check to repay me for the book.
Aunt Esther will turn 90 this year. She is married to my mother's oldest brother, Uncle Junior, as we call him. Luther is what Aunt Esther calls him. Uncle Junior fought in World War II in Italy.
But it isn't their story of romance during wartime that inspired me in the note this weekend.
Here's what Aunt Esther wrote:
"I let time run out on my DREAM to hike the Trail."
She told me about the times she had walked on snippets of the trail, at the trail head in north Georgia, across the Blue Ridge Highway, at the top of Old Man Mountain in Vermont.
"Last we made it to the beginning of the end (or beginning of the Trail). We hiked to within an hour of the summit the Ranger told us. We came to a boulder too much for us to get over."
I felt Aunt Esther's pain of a dream that slipped away.
"But I have had several hikes on the Trail and wanted so much to do the ENTIRE HIKE."
Daggers, as she let go of her goal.
She told me she enjoyed going on the hike with the women in my book.
Then she shared another aspiration:
"My other dream was to walk the Grand Canyon. But the Old Mother Nature's Clock just went too fast."
Another reminder for me, and for everyone, that time is passing.
We can talk about someday forever, until someday is gone.
"Thank you for sharing a story that took me on my Dream Trip. I pray you will have many more travels to share"
And, there's no time like the present to get started on my dream.
The stars may be aligning to send us on that journey sooner than we'd planned.
Stay tuned!


Sim Carter said...

Wow! Tick tock, tick tock, eh? Isn't it funny how we get messages just when we need them? And I can picture you and Earl, laptops open at a FRENCH cafe, reading your writing to each other. That's what I'd call a romantic image.

Let me know when you put your Dreaming of France meme up this; I want to post something entirely different from me this time around. It's not from Chapter1-Take1 and has nothing to do with movies based on books. It's a piece about the first time and the last time I saw Paris.

Have a great week:)

Paulita said...

Sim, I can't wait to read your writing about Paris. I try to get Dreaming of France up by 6 or 7 Sunday evening so it's there for those Australians who are already on Monday!

Sim Carter said...

That's such a good idea, Paulita!

Terra said...

Time waits for no one. It is good your Aunt Esther walked snippets of the trail, that is something to recall with joy.

Just Me said...

Wow what a lady! Thank you so very much for sharing her story and note with all of us.

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