Sunday, December 29, 2013

Writing Changes

Although I have a new novel that just came out, I've dived into writing again rather than promoting.
I decided to stick with France, since it's something I love, and I won't tell you the premise but will share the title -- Paris Runaway.
This time, I'm planning out the scenes rather than just writing. It's different. I hope it will help me to write more quickly, but worry that it might limit my characters.
One of the fun parts of writing a novel is naming the characters. I wanted the main character, a divorced mom to have a name like Sophie, but I couldn't go with Sophie because my first novel was Fia, short for Sofia.
I decided to go with Sadie, which I like, and which is actually short for Sarah, who knew. The last name of the family is Ford. It fits well with Sadie's ex-husband -- Draker Ford, as hard as his name sounds. But then I needed a maiden name for Sadie. I wanted her maiden name to have three syllables and to include an s sound. So I landed on Sadie Harrison. That sounds good.
It wasn't until later that I put together the name and realized the character's full name -- Sadie Harrison Ford.
Ooops. I think I'll leave it and have the character joke about her two last names.
Sadie has two teenage daughters Evangeline and Scarlett. Scarlett's French crush is Luc, and Luc's father is Auguste.
I have a couple weeks of Christmas break yet, so I hope to get a lot of writing done. You never know when I'll have another novel available.
I See London I See France is on Amazon at Barnes and Noble and in paperback at Lulu.


Anonymous said...

All the best on your newest novel! I'm working on my first, which may or may not someday get published. For the first version, I just wrote whatever popped into my head. Before my second draft, however, I outlined all the scenes. Both ways have been fun and insightful. :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Great idea to stick with France, you love it :-) , and this time Paris too. I never knew Sadie was a variant of Sarah and would never of thought about the link.

Me being me , I had to google three syllable surnames, there are quite a few. Love the joke :-)

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