Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastille Day

Continuing with my obsession for all things French, I celebrated Bastille Day by buying croissants for breakfast and watching the Tour de France before I had to dash off to work.

I love watching the Tour de France for the scenery but then I get sucked in to the bike race part too.
If you haven't been watching, the most awful crash happened on Sunday. Two crashes, actually, one that ended with a guy who broke his pelvis and another guy with a dislocated shoulder. The worst crash though happened when one of the media cars swerved and knocked into the leading group of five riders. One of the guys flipped in the air and landed in a barbed wire fence. He, of course, got back up and kept riding while the doctors car pulled up next to him and bandaged his legs. As he kept riding, blood fell in drips down his legs. After the race that day, he had 33 stitches.
Can you imagine?
Here's hoping your Bastille Day includes croissants, but no bike crashes.
If you want to read more about Bastille Day celebrations in France, take a look at Corey's blog or Days on the Claise

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