Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crutches and Ankles

What is it with my kids and ankles?

How about crutches? Do they have some sort of magnetic attraction to aluminum crutches?
We have two sets of crutches in the basement and neither pair fits me. They're all for tall people.
Any guesses on who's using them and how these crutches and the aircast came to be in my living room?
I guarantee you that whatever your guess is will be more entertaining than the actual story.


Linda said...

You? You tripped on a cat?

Paulita said...

Linda, Unfortunately a perfectly logical guess. But, this time, it wasn't me.

Sheila said...

what happened now? Maybe you guys should drink more milk. :)

OK lets see it has to be on of the boys, umm what sports are going on now, seems unlikely that one would hurt their ankle swimming. How about basketball? I say Spencer at basketball practice (i feel like i'm playing Clue)

Paulita said...

I'm not sure it would be possible for them to drink more milk. They are currently drinking a gallon of 2 percent milk every day. I keep extra gallons in the downstairs refrigerator. The boy, and the guess, were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure its not you.
Looks like your feet ?
Sounds like you ?
Can you break an ankle swimming ?

Paulita said...

My kids have broken fingers swimming. Other kids have gotten concussions. I suppose mine could manage to break an ankle swimming. Thankfully, this one is not broken, just sprained, and not from swimming. Definitely not mine!

Stephanie said...

Linda,I thought a cat had to be involved too.


Wait? You said, "What is it with my kids and ankles?" and it's not one of the boys. Grace? Dancing in her dorm? With her flip flops on?

You're right Sheila, This IS like Clue!

Stephanie said...

Whoops. It's not "that" boy.

Tucker ... Tripping over the amp cord ... while playing his guitar!

Joseph cruise said...

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