Sunday, September 12, 2010

Politics and Crayons

Warning: The following post has some political views. If you don't agree with my politics or are easily offended, please skip it.
I was listening to NPR the other night while fixing dinner on the grill, so I was in and out the door quite a few times as I heard this news report.
President Obama had been visiting Ohio and he was criticizing John Boehner, who is from Ohio and is the most powerful republican Congressman.
Obama, who is literally an African and an American because of his mixed heritage, called Boehner "a man of color." The crowd laughed.
Boehner is caucasian, but his skin is orange, like that of those who spend a lot of time in tanning booths or using rub-on tans.
The news story went on to say that Boehner is used to being teased about his suntan and he claims that his tan comes from yardwork and spending time on the golf course.
I hooted with laughter and texted my friend Ruth to share this story.
"Where's his yard?" she texted back. "Crayolaville?"
That made me laugh and laugh. I texted her back that she was hilarious and she texted, "Haven't even been drinking yet."

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Linda said...

Funny story. I haven't heard about this "tan" congressman.

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