Saturday, August 29, 2009


If I had a twitter account, I would send a tweet right now that suggests my 17-year-old daughter is actually a 70-year-old woman in disguise. She just turned the TV to the Golden Girls and is laughing at it. I didn't like that show even when it was new, and I'm much closer to their age now. Still not funny.


Sheila said...

I used to like that show, but not so much anymore.

If you had twitter you would know that I just tweeted that I had fun at the Grandview Art Hop with mom, Beth and you! But you don't need twitter to know that. :)

Dianne said...

I can almost relate, in an opposite way. I thought I'd reintroduce my 14 year old to the 3 Stooges the other day, since that's the kind of slapstick humor boys from 4 -44 seem to love. I happen to love it too and was hoping that we could find that laughter connection between us again. So many things we used to love together have been lost lately due to concurrent puberty v menopause. But, while I was doubled over laughing he just rolled his eyes and backed out of the room. "That is the stupidest thing I've ever seen you watch MoTHER!" (Geez, I was Mom just a few weeks ago )

Paulita said...

Dianne, He can't let you know that he liked it. That's part of the code. Now you've made the Three Stooges illicit and he has to sneak to watch them without you knowing. Good plan. Adolescence -- who thought that was a good plan? Spencer forgot his pencil pouch with his calculator and all his writing utensils the other morning. I was going to the school anyway so I dropped it off.
"Don't do that again," he warned. Sorry that I was actually useful. You're on your own now, Bub!

Sheila -- I had fun too. You're right, I wouldn't have to read your tweet.

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