Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I love good escapism like anyone else, but as I'm devouring a mommy lit or chick lit book, I find myself dreading the scene when the heroine has a makeover. Suddenly her gray hair is tinted with fabulous highlights. All of her old clothes are replaced with new designer brands that show off the tiny waist she was hiding under her shapeless clothes. And who knew that with a little make up she could accentuate those sparkling green eyes.
Perhaps we're conditioned from our childhood days of Cinderella to believe that the makeover must occur or we're just not worthy of all the good things coming our way. The Prince, after all, is deserving of much more than a date dressed in a Kohls' juniors evening gown, arriving in a rusting Dodge Colt. Even a magic pumpkin will suffice.
But, when I look beneath the superficiality of the makeover scene, I wonder whether this character, usually a mother who has spent her recent years taking care of everyone else, can change inside without the outer metamorphosis. Can she become introspective, realize she has become a person she doesn't know, a person without passion, and then change only within? Suppose she starts taking time for herself rather than devoting all her minutes to the kids. Can't she just curl up in a corner and read novels rather than buying a new wardrobe and going to fabulous parties? Maybe the makeover isn't just a symbol for shaking off the old life. Maybe it's necessary for this character, this woman, to realize her value again.
But the part that really hurts is when they throw out clothes that I know are in my closet. Why can't the heroine ever hold onto those boiled wool clogs and the overalls? Won't she ever have those bloated days again?


Keri Mikulski said...

So true!!

Thanks for the invite,
Keri :)

Anonymous said...

You're preaching to the choir sistah ! I only wish discovering myself was a once in a lifetime (or)deal.

Anonymous said...

Who has time for self-discovery with a posessed or self-posessed 4 year old in tow, I'd kill for some of the clothes those "heroines" are throwing out. All I want for Christmas is a chance to e on "what not to wear" $5000 for shopping and 3 nights ALONE in a NY City hotel room. Stacy and CLinton have at me.

Paulita said...

who wouldn't kill for that? I say you should settle for a night in Columbus and $100 worth of clothes from the Eddie Bauer outlet

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you should be writing this story!

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