Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Following Rules

Before my kids started school, after nine years running things my way, my husband made me promise not to "piss anybody off" at the school -- at least until the kids started.
Well, today was their first day, so I guess that limitation is gone. I'm not a rule follower. I'm not certain when that happened. When I was a kid, I was a perfect student, got straight As. Now I look at rules with a jaundiced eye. What is the point of that rule, I wonder. My kids have already run into a few that are making me crazy.
Grace was in tears when she got in the car. "If I don't have my algebra book covered by tomorrow I'll get detention."
Okay. I can understand the rule to put covers on textbooks, but really, this is punishing the student if her parents don't get to the store that evening. This rule is made to teach what?
Here's one direct from the sheet: "Two (2) hall passes will be given to take care of any personal business each quarter. Any passes not used will equal extra credit! Any passes above 2 will result in a detention."
Okay, so if I'm interpreting this rule correctly,those with large bladders get extra credit. Girls, you need to schedule your periods to come only twice during each quarter. Imagine the girl who is unlucky enough for it to fall the first, fifth and ninth weeks of that quarter. I can see her squirming in the wooden chair, debating, "Is it worth a detention to staunch the flow of blood?"
Hmmmm. It's all coming back to me why I became a rule breaker.


Some One said...

As much as I identify with you (nearly 100%), I feel for your kids. We've become so acustom to the infinite number of rules that most just go unnoticed.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) your kids have had a long gestation period of determining what works for them and what doesn't. They've learned to set their own boundaries.

I would guess that in the end, they are very well equiped to figure out their own way around, over and through the rules.

My husband likes to remind me, that if I choose to break the rules, which I do, (mostly societal rules) I have to be ready to deal with the consequences.

For me, that has been, no "Martha Stewart" awards, no "Best Daughter-In-Law" hugs, no "MVP Trophies" from my boss, and no "Stand by your Man" pictures in the press.

Releasing ones kids out into the world must be a little painful. My bet is, They'll be as fabulous as you !

Suburban Kamikaze said...

I have always found that a well-worded complaint goes a long way toward undoing brainless policies like these. But you have to be discreet. When your kids find out what a troublemaker you are, they stop telling you about this stuff...

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