Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today I'm feeling mad. Mad as in angry. Not mad as in crazy.
Two main reasons are making me mad:
Maybe I need a drink so I won't be so angry
1. Small town gossip. I know, I grew up in a small town, but not quite this small. So an after-prom party had alcohol and I got a call from one of the parents Sunday morning. Her oldest is a sophomore and she was apalled. I had to kind of talk her down. Then, somehow, I got the blame for telling people about alcohol at the party, which meant Tucker got blamed for telling me, which he didn't. All of those senior girls in their beautiful prom dresses (see the prom post from Saturday) blamed Tucker for ratting them out and Tucker had "the worst day ever." Parents who believe high school parties won't have alcohol are just naive.
2. Writing. I'm reading books that I keep putting down because they aren't very good, and then I can't believe that my books aren't published. What's the deal? I'm not saying my books are masterpieces, but I think I can give many of these books a run for their money.
A writing instructor at one of the colleges where I work is reading my novel. She has lovely things to say like, "I'm fully engaged" and "I can picture this." Then yesterday she says that to get published my manuscripts need to "have some bite," which I interpreted as snarky and sarcastic, or they have to be so intelligent that people bow down in amazement at how smart the author must be.
And I said, "Who wants to read books like that?"
Maybe I need to go to France with Grace and eat crepes
I'm writing escapist books with fun plots that deal with emotional issues most people face. Why? Because that's what I like to read.
So why are these things making me mad?
Well, a few weeks ago, I told Earl that I might be entering menopause so I'd be more irritable than usual. I was only using that as an excuse so that I could tell him to stop reading sections of the newspaper to me while I was trying to work.
Now that I'm feeling so mad about everything, I wonder if those words aren't true. Maybe everything gets under my skin because I'm starting menopause. Or maybe that's just my excuse du jour.
Show me that I'm not alone. Tell me what makes you mad?


Lucia said...

almost wrote a novel pet peeve...Todds, wallet and keys and change on the kitchen table and him hanging his work jacket on the kitchen chair instead of the hall coat tree oh and his hat on the kitchen table...ewww pisses me off. Yes this is daily.

BFF said...

Just read a book like that. Hated it. I like books like yours better

Sim Carter said...

Oh God, I remember the small town gossipy nature of high school. Even when you don't live in a small town, high school is its own small town! Soooo glad my son graduated last year and I am done with that. I like your son's name, btw.
Mad. Hmmm. yes, if I had written several books which had yet to be published and saw some of the garbage that is, i would be bloody mad. Stop giving your stuff to people at work, focus on finding an agent or maybe self publishing? Or an e-book? Sorry, I don't even know you, I apologize for being so blunt!

Linda said...

I've been more cranky than usual due to a medication change and I take it all out on my husband. Mostly I get mad when he wakes me up. I get mad on how I am treated by my children sometimes but usually I manage to keep it to myself.
I feel the same about books. I have no idea how some of them get published.

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