Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Those Were the Days

I lay awake in bed at 4:30 this morning, thinking about the text messages I read on my older son's phone. Sometimes, it's better not to know.
I was going to run, but wasn't motivated, so I walked up to the bank and then by my friend Sheila's house. I pried her out of her house to walk with me to get coffee at Starbucks. We talked about our teenagers and frustrations. I feel like we're making so many sacrifices and they just keep wanting more. I'm working more and more, looking for a third job to pay for college, as I handed over $60 for prom tickets this morning.
I don't have to be at work til noon today, so I vacuumed and gathered clothes to donate to Goodwill. In the pockets of a furry brown fleece, I found five tickets for the water bus in Venice.

Why can't we go back to simpler times like that?
Here's a photo of me wearing the coat in Venice. I definitely think it's time to give it away.

Here are the kids with Spencer pretending to throw Tucker off one of the bridges of Venice.

I'm feeling pretty defeated in my parenting role right now. I wonder what all the sacrifices were for.
But now I need to get ready for work so I can earn enough money to pay for tuxes and corsages this weekend, and college courses in the fall.


Lucia said...

Marina will be gettinga part time job as soon as she is able to. She doesn't appreciate it coming from me so let's see how she likes spending her dough, I'm sure she won't be getting all those things she wants if it's her own money.

Linda said...

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Hang in there.

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