Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Dance...Last Chance

Tonight was the Spring Fling -- a mother son, father daughter dance for the seniors in Spencer's class. We had a nice dinner then dance, which Spencer admitted was awkward, but he got out there and moved around on the floor with me a little.
As we walked in the door at home, I was humming that song: Last Dance, last chance for love... and I got to the next part, which is a little more true for me and Spencer. "I need you by me, beside me to guide me..." or at least that's what I imagine to be true for Spencer.
But he's fairly autonomous. He'll be okay as he goes far away to school in Florida. I'll miss him though.


BFF said...

Took Adam for his first college visit. It breaks my heart to watch them go despite how happy I am. I just want to do it again

Paulita said...

OMG. Are you kidding? I would not want to start over. I'm trying to remember those carefree times, trying to hold on to them to remember why this was all worth it, especially during those sleepless nights.

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